Readings for the Young Beta Male

Following on from my advice to a young beta male I have added this page which I will use to point out useful articles.

After publishing my initial entry, I read posts from other bloggers that I felt apt to the question. I added them as an addendum to the original post. I then realized it made more sense to create a special page where I could add such entries as I came upon them.

You might call this the Great Books for (beta) Men, but without the lozzzzll.

Vanity forces me to recommend my own post on advice for a beta male (mentioned above). Other than that, here are posts I think are worth reading for various reasons.

Reader suggestions are always welcome.

Added May 7, 2011 also in the original post

Hawaiian Libertarian has a very good post on social dominance. I suggest that you read it.

Citizen Renegade published a post on a whipped man. Resolve never to be that guy.

The Spearhead has a warning on the high burden of child support and alimony. It is worth reading if only to understand what some men go through with family court.

Added May 10, 2011
Chuck (G.L. Piggy) revived an old post of his that reminds us that women are quite capable of manipulating men for their own advantage. If you learn one lesson it should be that girls are not “sugar and spice, and all things nice.” They will use the great power of their sexual attractiveness to dupe unwary men. Chuck was honest enough to post this; you should be sensible enough to learn from it.
[Chuck is now older and wiser. He was recounting an experience from his youth.]

Added July 26, 2011
Gorbachev offers his advice for young men looking for a career. This is a worthwhile read for a young man considering his career and life options.

Added Nov 20, 2011
Per a recommendation from JoeBlow, I added this link to another Hawaiian Libertarian post describing game. Using writings of John Ross from ancient times when “game” or “PUA” were unknown terms, he shows how “game” is simply fatherly advice that does not need expensive bootcamps or DVDs.


One Response to “Readings for the Young Beta Male”

  1. JoeBlow Says:

    I would add Hawaiian Libertarians’ Got Game? article to this list as well.
    [DU: That is a good suggestion. I have been lazy about adding links to this section. I will add the link now.]

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