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January 1, 2012

There is nothing to this post other than to wish my readers (a small but select group) a great 2012. While in some ways January 1 is a rather arbitrary date (it is New Year’s day because it is designated as New Year’s day), it offers a convenient way to mark the passage of time.



Audience Participation: Brain Training?

October 3, 2011

I have mentioned N-Back training before but I would be interested in hearing the experience or comments of readers.

Have you tried N-Back or similar (e.g. digit span) training? If you have, what are your experiences? What kind of scores did you obtain (you can post anonymously)?


Another One Bites the Dust

July 28, 2011

I have complained before about bloggers white paging their site. It seems one of the biggest bloggers in these parts has done just that. Roissy’s (Citizen Renegade) is no more. The “no longer available” message looks as if it is a permanent rather than a temporary disappearance.
[Update: It turns out the blog has merely moved to a new location:]


A Movement of Peace

July 24, 2011

A quote:

After the terrible events in Norway, we must remember that immigration restrictionists are not the enemy. We cannot let one bad apple distract us from the fact that this is really a movement of peace. We must be wary of any backlash, and look to see if we can understand the frustrations that drive someone to do this. We must continue with our openness that allows us listen to all voices and all treat all opinions with respect. We must not fall back into narrow thinking that allows us dismiss such beliefs as “extreme,” indeed we must redouble our efforts to reach out to those in the immigration restriction community with tolerance and respect for their views. We must not use the actions of one evil person turn us against the legitimate concerns of a large group of citizens.

Source: Not the New York Times, any politician, or elite opinion.

Republican Professors are Tougher Graders

May 23, 2011

An article on Inside Higher Ed relates a study that shows Republican professors (both of them) grade in a less egalitarian manner than Democratic professors. Republican professors awarded a wider range of marks, giving more high grades and more low grades. Democratic professors tended to give fewer “extreme” grades.


Blog Burnout

May 10, 2011

I have been trying to discipline myself to writing a post every day (with some weekend breaks). I seem to be suffering blog burnout, so I offer this paltry post as a way of claiming I kept up with my goal. I hope to be back tomorrow as I have one or two ideas, but fear I may be looking forward to writers block regarding topics.

I did add a new feature in the sidebar. I call it Readings for the Young Beta Male. In it, I will highlight blog posts or articles that may offer good guidance to the eponymous beta male.

Violence is the Answer

March 26, 2011

I am sure you have seen the video: Casey Heynes, a big but gentle kid, finally snaps after suffering long running torment. After years of turning the other cheek, he finally turns on his tormentors. In a fit of righteous indignation, he picks up the smaller more aggressive kid and slams him against the ground.



March 17, 2011

I understand that it within everyone’s rights and indeed their interests to present their ideas in the most favorable light. Sometimes, however, it is hard not laugh, laughing being emotionally more calming than outrage, at their efforts.

I recently saw a banner advertisement that warned me Congress was going to raise my costs for using payment cards. The implication of this dire warning was that sneaky politicians were going to levy a new tax or fee. My potential outrage turned to the more calming smile when I realized it was banking propaganda.


Midsomer Murdered

March 15, 2011

It is a crisis I tell you. I am shocked and appalled. We need to have urgent discussions.

OK, none of that is correct, however it is the response of certain people to comments of a television producer. The producer, Brian True-May shockingly claimed that the shockingly English Midsomer Murders did not need more diversity.


In the Style of: Santa Clause

December 24, 2010
A series where I try to write a post in the style of other bloggers. Today is Santa Clause