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Happy Holiday

December 22, 2010

While corporate and bureaucratic organizations like to wish us “Happy Holidays” there is really only one holiday being celebrated by the majority in Western countries: Christmas.

Perhaps it is the fear of using the “Christ” in Christmas that offends people so. Such people, if they have not read my earlier post, should realize that even the word “holiday” is fraught with PC problems.



Bah Humbug

December 21, 2010

It seems that Christmas Trees Harm The Emotional Well Being Of “Non Celebrators [Via VDare. To that I say “Bah Humbug.”


More Blog Woes?

October 29, 2010

I often try to keep weekend posts lighter. This time I complain about my readers and WordPress.



August 22, 2010

The authors have deleted this blog. The content is no longer available.

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