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HBD: Women

April 22, 2011

I know I said that yesterday’s post was the last word, but we all know that women always have the last word.

This male blogger listens attentively . . .



HBD: Last Words

April 21, 2011

I am not entirely sure what I wanted to achieve with this series. I would guess that most of those who read this blog are already acquainted with the ideas, so it as not as if I would be teaching something new. It is certainly not because the topics remain undiscussed elsewhere. It was not even that I felt I had a particularly unique take on the themes.

So why bother?


HBD: White People

April 20, 2011

White people, they are everywhere. They are the majority of the commenters in the HBD sphere, but are less frequently the topic under discussion.

So, what can we say about this group of people? This White blogger finally gets to investigate something he might know a little about.


HBD: Game and Paleo

April 15, 2011

Within the blogosphere there seems to be an intersection of interest between HBD, Game, and paleo eating (and even paleo conservatism). If you, too, have noticed it, you might wonder why.

This HBD, game, and paleo interested blogger investigates.


HBD: Mexicans

April 14, 2011

I deliberately did not title this “Hispanics” because most mentions of “Hispanic” mean Mexicans, as they make up the majority (~66 percent) of all Hispanics. It would be even more correct to say Mestizo, as the majority of immigrants and existing Mexicans are of mixed Euro/Native American. As part of my sans-unicorn skipping through the rainbow of diversity, it is time to consider this group.

¡Ay, caramba!, more work for this blogger.


HBD: Race and Ethnicity

April 13, 2011

Is race just a social construct? Does ethnicity mean something more than restaurants?

This blogger with a race and an ethnicity investigates.


HBD: In Black and White

April 7, 2011

If Herrnstein and Murray could devote one chapter of the The Bell Curve to Black IQ, the least I could do is devote one chapter of my less scholarly scamper through HBD to the same issue.

The original title I planned was “The Black Hole,” which besides offering a cheap play on words was a reference to how discussions or racial IQ differences are like a black hole: if sucked in, you may never leave. On reflection, it did not seem that clever and I feared that someone, somewhere (in the vastness of our galaxy?) would find the title inflammatory (black hole = waste, destructive, etc.)

Putting strong gravitational fears aside, this White (but not necessarily smart) blogger investigates. If I don’t return, send out a search party.


HBD: Yellow Pearl

April 5, 2011

You cannot travel far into the world of HBD thinking without seeing the moniker NAM. This is a shorthand way of saying non-Asian Minority. What makes Asians so special that they need their own description?

Even though there are no Asians in my library, this non-Asian non-Minority blogger investigates.


HBD: Stereotypes

April 4, 2011

Orderly Germans, polite English, voluble Italians, and fighting Irish.

Stereotypes we all do them. Don’t deny it. They are the guilty habit that we all partake in, but prefer not to admit (is that a stereotype?).

Are stereotypes a bad thing? Are they unfair? This stereotypical blogger investigates.


HBD: The Jewish Question

April 1, 2011

Just in time for the Sabbath (it is sundown somewhere in the World), I cross the Jewbicon (h/t Roissy/Renegade commenter Doug1 for that phrase), and raise, not the white flag but the eternal question: What about the Jews.

This non-Jewish blogger investigates: normally ten dollars, but for you. . .