Blockquotes, etc.

How to quote others and format text in your replies.

You can use the comments section as a sandbox, trying out your formatting skills to see how things look.

Text to quote.
Looks like:

Text to quote.

<i>Text in italics</i>
Looks like Text in italics
<em>Text in italics</em>
Looks like Text in italics (emphasised)

<b>Text in bold</b>
Looks like Text in bold
<strong>Text in italics</strong>
Looks like Text in bold (strong)

Adding Links:
To create a clickable link use the following code:
<a href=””>The Link Text</a>

This gives you:
The Link Text

You can add a pop up description using title= like this:
<a title=”Popup Text” href=””>The Link Text</a>

giving you:
The Link Text

A YouTube example:

<a title=”Sadly apt” href=””>YouTube video link</a>

YouTube video link
[The original video is no longer available in the US. The clickable link should work for the US. The old (text link) may still work outside of the US. The video was White & Nerdy by “Weird Al” Yankovic.]

You must include the http:// part otherwise the link will probably not work (it will try to link to WordPress).

At the date of posting WordPress automatically turns links to YouTube into embedded video clips. The problem is that these embedded videos slow down the page load. To avoid this you can create a clickable link to the video instead.
[adapted from a reply (helpfully) left at Roissy’s]

A list of WordPress smilies. All, or most of them should work here.


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