This is the third (I think) version of this page

I was never sure what to write about here. Indeed, I started the blog as much as a joke as for any serious intent. I am still not sure what to write about but have decided that I need not remain tied to a subject or area.

Some of my posts were expanded versions of comments I had made or might make on other blogs. It would allow me point to a long form answer without clogging up another blog’s comments. Some, such as my dating graphs, allowed my use graphics that would be difficult in a text only comment box.

As most readers would have known me through posting on Roissy’s (that renegade) and other androsphere blogs, I kept many of my postings to such matters. I will likely continue in that style, but be less constrained by it.

Another self-imposed constraint was the need to keep a schedule. Once I started posting I felt the need to have some regular update. The pressure of a deadline could sap whatever enjoyment of writing there was. From time to time I posted Test Card notices to let readers know I was taking a break. This always felt a bit dramatic and self-aggrandizing (Come on! How many people care that much?). The other problem was that it could take me a while to realize that I was out of posting steam (the dreaded “I’ll get to it” light takes a long time to fade to the dimness of “not going to happen”).

For future reference, I can say that my posting will be erratic. It will probably come in spurts (I am sure Roissy could make something of that sentence). My topics too might be more random, but will probably remain centered around game, society, and the plight of the beta male (and specific comments relating to this particular one).

The typos and sometimes-odd sentences will likely remain. I would like to improve my editing and proofreading but cannot promise anything.

Some of those oddities come about when I change one part of a sentence and forget to check. Many of the grammar errors are of the know-better type where I know the correct thing but type the wrong thing (e.g., their and there, one and won, and most embarrassingly now and not). Some of the spelling errors happen when I am too willing to accept the spellcheck advice. I like to think that such stylistic nuances are part of this blog’s charm.

I remain gratified that people read. I hope you all get something out of what I write. I hope you will continue to enjoy what I write.

2 Responses to “About”

  1. AJ Says:

    what are black girls like?

  2. Default User Says:


    what are black girls like?

    black girls

    white girls

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