Obama, Just Like Nixon?


An oft told story tells us, that in the Nixon versus Kennedy debates those who watched on TV gave victory to Kennedy, while those who listened on radio gave victory to Nixon. I had a slightly similar experience of the recent Romney versus Obama debate.

I had not planned to follow the debate, but ended up listening to it on the radio. I thought Romney did well but would not have awarded him the comprehensive win that most others (I presume mostly TV watchers) gave.

In the Nixon versus Kennedy debates we had an obviously telegenic candidate (before that was even a word) and an obviously less telegenic candidate. For the Romney and Obama that is much less obvious. Both candidates count as telegenic.

From the descriptions it sounds as if body language more than simple appearance was decisive. The lesson I take is, that before laughing at the “Spot the Alpha” blog posts popular on Heartiste et al, you should consider just how important things such as posture and attitude can be. If it is important for the President of The United States, it is important for you.


3 Responses to “Obama, Just Like Nixon?”

  1. Ulysses Says:

    Romney’s demeanor was definitely more alpha, but Obama didn’t help himself. He was obviously angered that he even had to take time to debate a lesser human.

  2. maurice Says:

    I would have thought that Romney came off a little better even over the radio, if only because of his obvious tack to the center- the revival of “Romney the Moderate” that was evidently part of what caught Obama off guard. But I agree that Obama’s body language- the sheepish laughs, the looking down with disinterest as Romney spoke- conveyed rather passive/beta traits through body language.

  3. Default User Says:

    Steve Sailer has discussed and I even wrote a post on the idea that Obama may just be a highly introverted cerebral type. Someone more suited to advisor not decider roles. He was uncomfortable on stage not because he wanted a cigarette, not because he disdained Romney (or even the process), but because he would rather be on his own noodling over his own thoughts. …And maybe smoking a cigarette.

    The claims, if true, that Obama dislikes Bill Clinton I put down to resentment over the fact that Bill Clinton big the Big Man type that Obama never was who also reminds him of his own absent father.

    PPS: I corrected the ahistorical description of Ronmey/Kennedy debate in the original post to reflect reality.

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