To all those who feared the huge audience for 1997’s eponymous movie would believe it a factual representation of events, I have some good news and some bad news.

The good news is that many did not see it as a factual representation of events. The bad news is that they were not even aware if referred to any real event whatsoever. I guess that is a big SOS (or should I say CQD) from our education system.

The BBC, however, comes to the rescue for outraged historians. They have a podcast called “Titanic – In Her Own Words” where they translate Morse code used during the sinking into spoken word.

One of the voices sounds exactly like an Xtranormal video, so I wonder if there is a version with animated bears.


One Response to “Titanic”

  1. sdaedalus Says:

    There is a version of the film Titanic with animated bunnies, but I’ve posted it so often on various sites you’ve probably seen it already.

    If not, I can send you the link if you like 🙂
    [DU: I am aware of that version… There is no need to send the link.]

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