Weak Sauce


My first post in a long time.

If Trayvon Martin had actually looked like that three-year old photo, he might still be alive right now (picture of innocence).

If George Zimmerman had looked like that prison photo, Trayvon Martin might still be alive (because he might not have wanted to mix it up with such a mean looking dude).

If Trayvon’s parents want to trademark his name, does that mean he will be TM™?

Look at the title. Despite NBC, sometimes there is truth in the news, as it describes this post. At least I warned you.


6 Responses to “Weak Sauce”

  1. David Collard Says:

    Missed your posts, DU.

    Happy Easter,
    [DU: Thanks, and a happy Easter to you (even if it has now passed)]

  2. sdaedalus Says:

    Hi, lovely to see you back blogging.

  3. caeruloplasmin Says:

    Could almost be the start of 60 minutes…..

    and nice title 😉 it took me a while but urban dictionary saved me lol
    [DU: Likewise a web search saved me regarding what caeruloplasmin is (a copper carrying protein to save others time).]

  4. sdaedalus Says:

    am mystified as to how virgin commenter caerulowhatever avoids the moderation this experienced commenter has ended up in lol
    [DU: For some reason two of your comments were classed as spam. Perhaps it was the copper, carried by that protein that allowed the other commenter to avoid moderation. It may also have been the URL in your comments, edited to reflect the correct address, which pointed to your closed blog.]

  5. chicnoir Says:

    Yea it does sort of remind me of the start of 60 minutes.
    [DU I just need to add a ticking clock sound, tick tick tick.]

  6. The Trayvon Martin Incident « Default User Says:

    […] earlier post on the Trayvon Martin incident was rather throwaway (at least I warned you in the title). Even […]

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