Why I did Not Participate in the SOPA/PIPA Blackout


Phi is in but In Mala Fide is out.

I decided not to join because…

I was afraid that the actual effect might have been “No Default User… and this affects me how?” I mean, for most no Google is serious but no Default User would be just another day.


Indeed Phi was ahead of the game, first posting in November, 2011)


3 Responses to “Why I did Not Participate in the SOPA/PIPA Blackout”

  1. Will S. Says:

    I didn’t participate because I’m Canadian; the best reason. 😉

    To be honest, I just found it irritating, not being able initially to visit the link feed at Keoni’s, like I always do, or look stuff up on Wikipedia without seeking out cached versions…

    I think there are better ways of getting messages across.

    Years ago, I got stuck on a highway, because some transport truck drivers (tractor trailer drivers, to you Americans) decided to go on some sort of protest about something or other, in the middle of the day; some drove onto the grounds of the provincial legislature, I understand, that day. But meanwhile, the rest of us were stuck in traffic, for hours… I was on a school bus, to go see a play and eat at a fancy French restaurant. Needless to say, we didn’t make in time for either; we stopped at a nowhere town to grab a bite, turn around, and head back home, hours late… That did not endear me to the truckers, however sympathetic I might otherwise have been. Anything that inconveniences me, just annoys me, regardless.
    [DU: The blackout was annoying but powerful. It demonstrated just how annoying it would be to lose access to favored sites. If the truck drivers wanted to show how useful they were they would have been better off just not delivering the goods; empty store shelves might annoy, but would also show how need the drivers were. The blackout was of this type of action, it showed the value of open access.]

  2. chic noir Says:

    *chic noir steps into the default mansion*

    Helllllooooo is anyone here.

    *looks around*

    Default are you?
    [DU: Yes, I am here, but given my lack of posting it seems more of a care-taker position than lord of the manor. Nice to hear from you, I hope things are good for you.

    PS: I edited your e-mail address, so your Gravatar should show up]

  3. chicnoir Says:

    All is well with me.

    I edited your e-mail address, so your Gravatar should show up]

    Just another reason why I love you. You’re my e-sweetie.
    [DU: :)]

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