Ron Paul Revolution


I recently watched a documentary on the Ron Paul movement. It runs for almost two hours, and I assumed I would only watch part of it. However, I ended up watching it all. You can watch it online for free either from the above address or directly on YouTube (official version).

I remember the Ron Paul run in 2008, and this documentary deals mostly with that period. I should point out it is not a strictly disinterested documentary as it is obviously made by Paul partisans. It does capture the enthusiasm of the Ron Paul fans.

What struck me was how little publicity the R[love]ution received compared to the Occupy Wall Street movement. It had all the things that allegedly make OWS so worthy of noting. It has a large youth following, it is largely grassroots, and although largely white (as most general – as compared to ethnic driven – movements are), it contains a diverse mix of types: both hippies and yuppies find representation in the Ron Paul movement. The Ron Paul fans have every bit the enthusiasm of OWS and are at least as numerous. Despite this, I do not remember any of this receiving the sort of notice that the Occupy Wall Streeters did. The video does contain some funny clips of Sean Hannity berating the accuracy Fox News’ own poll because Ron Paul came out as number one.

Watching the documentary also reminded me that peaceful guerilla activism can be fun, and is not just something for the traditional left. I have a lot of sympathy for a Paul candidacy, but I am far from a fan. If you do not have at least that degree of enthusiasm for Ron Paul you can safely skip the documentary. If you have some interest in libertarian/alt-right style politics (the Paulites are probably more libertarian than alt-right) you might enjoy it.


The full title of the movie is: For Liberty: How the Ron Paul Revolution Watered the Withered Tree of Liberty. This perhaps demonstrates the tendency toward hyperbole to which all such movements fall prey.


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