Occupy This


Regarding the Occupy Wall Street protests, I have marveled at two things: how more respectful the coverage is compared to the Tea Party, and the recurrent theme of student debt (as compared to government or mortgage debt).

Along with student debt, the other recurring complaint is unemployment of even educated individuals. Despite running speeches with a “progressive stack” (everyone gets in line but white males give up their place to women and “minorities”), these groups seem very white and very middle class (the male/female split may be more even).

Regarding their two major complaints of student debt and graduate unemployment, Wall Street plays little part. It is true that the banks profit from the loans, but the real problem is profiteering by the education establishment. Perhaps, it is not greedy banks, but greedy colleges that they should be protesting.

Regarding unemployment, perhaps they should consider their own support for open borders. Each year the United States admits well over 100,000 workers on H1-B visas (although capped at 65 thousand, there are many exemptions – including educational establishments). These H1-Bs are competing for the same jobs as the luckless graduates. This is on top of the myriad of other programs and the one million plus green cards issued every year. This massive boost to the labor pool may be good for Bloomberg’s golf course[1] and his business, both of which benefit from cheaper labor. It is less good for a graduate saddled with debt from greedy colleges.

Perhaps the protestors should occupy Harvard, the offices of ICE, or the DOJ (which actively works against state efforts to reduce illegal immigration). At the very least they should place some of that ire on Mayor Mikey, the plutocrat who cares more about his game of golf than the struggles of graduates (at least American born graduates).



During his weekly radio address in 2006, Mr. Bloomberg was asked to name a typical job performed by illegal immigrants. He immediately thought of golf.

“You and I are beneficiaries of these jobs,” the mayor told his co-host, John Gambling, adding, “Who takes care of the greens and the fairways in your golf course?” The remarks drew howls of protests.


It looks as if VDare got there first, but I had planned this piece and was reluctant to waste it.

OWS should also consider protesting the Duke versus Griggs judges and the idea of “disparate impact.” That ruling may have caused employers to require degrees in place of the aptitude tests they could no longer administer. Four years and forty thousand dollars in place of a three-hour test, sounds like a bad deal to me.

OWSers should also be suspicious of the claim of a shortage of educated scientists when PhDs drive shuttle vans for a living.


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