Another One Bites the Dust


I have complained before about bloggers white paging their site. It seems one of the biggest bloggers in these parts has done just that. Roissy’s (Citizen Renegade) is no more. The “no longer available” message looks as if it is a permanent rather than a temporary disappearance.
[Update: It turns out the blog has merely moved to a new location:]

It was Roissy that brought many of us together. Many of the blogs that I read I know through their comments on Roissy, perhaps the majority (if not all) of my readers know me from me earlier postings at Roissy.

I have not posted at Mr. R’s for a long time and I visit there far less frequently than I did a few years ago but I am still sorry to see it go.


4 Responses to “Another One Bites the Dust”

  1. Gorbachev Says:

    This is very sad. Roissy was an anchor.

    I think he didn’t understand how critical he was.

    Very saddened.

  2. Ulysses Says:

    I doubt we’ve seen the last of him. Something tells me this is part of a larger plan.

  3. Hughman Says:

    Website changed
    [DU: Thanks. I just checked and see that you had the same idea.]

  4. neil skywalker Says:

    Why change from one location to another ? I think you lose you seo value and have to start over again.
    I,m planning on changing my website to another platform so i can advertise ( forbidden on wordpress) but don’t wanna start over again with google ranking.
    [DU:I do not really like the new name and never lived the “Citizen Renegade” moniker, but I suppose it makes sense if he is trying to change his “brand.” As you say, he loses all the search score and inbound links of the old address. Most readers appear to have found the new address, so perhaps it will not lead to a large fall off in traffic.
    I wonder if he purged the archive of more controversial posts as part of the re-branding.]

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