NLP and Mindfulness


NLP has some fame in the pick-up community for its use in seduction. Back in the mid 1990s, in the early days of the Internet’s public phase I remember seeing references to something called “Speed Seduction.” Speed Seduction was the creation of Ross Jeffries and claimed to be a way to use NLP to create sexual attraction in any woman. I was, and remain dubious, about the potential of NLP in seduction* but do see a role in personal improvement (including inner game).

While this will not be a full discussion on NLP I will offer a little background for those unfamiliar.

NLP, or Neuro Linguistic Programming, is partly about investigating your internal states and representations. It is about examining exactly how you experience and represent ideas and activities. For example: many people fear public speaking. NLP would ask that person what they felt, saw, heard, etc. when they imagined having to give a speech. By making the person aware of these representations, along with taking action to change them, NLP aims to reduce or remove the unpleasant arousal that comes with the event.

Emotions are really just the perception of energy or sensations within the body. We may all know happiness, but will experience it differently. That is, we may both be happy right now, but the exact sensations and perceived energy flows will differ between us.

At this level, NLP sounds similar to mindfulness and other meditative practices. Putting aside the techno-speak language, it is about noticing what you are experiencing and taking not without judging.

Perhaps NLP, is just meditation or yoga for type-A geeks.


* Jeffries aimed his Speed Seduction courses at the less socially savvy guy. Putting his theories into practice, with its focus on subtle tonality, etc. does not seem the type of activity that would be easy for the less suave person. However, I am sure that many charmers, seducers, salesman, and politicians do use similar methods whether consciously or not.

NLP at wikipedia

Ross Jeffries is still around (15+ years later). Not much has changed since his days on Use Net

3 Responses to “NLP and Mindfulness”

  1. nlp tecaj Says:

    I used NLP to overcome fear of public speaking. It really works

  2. Bhetti Says:

    Do you know what would be a good source to start on getting to grips with NLP?

    There’s this fun show called Leverage; NLP (lite) and other fun features in some of the cons. New season’s out soon!
    [DU: As I learned what little I know in a piecemeal manner, I cannot offer a single source. A quick search did provide the following videos.

    Bandler and Grinder are the founders of NLP, and the videos show each of them discussing it. Bandler’s is less than two minutes, while Grinder’s are five to seven minutes each.

    Richard Bandler:

    John Grinder:

    I believe that British TV personalities, Paul McKenna (hypnotist) and Derren Brown (“street” hypnosis, magic, and mentalism), use NLP as part of their act.

    I will look out for “Leverage,” it sounds like fun. It also sounds a bit like a British series called Hustle (I think) of which I saw one episode.]

  3. Bhetti Says:

    Whoo got Intro to NLP book by Grinder for 50p by luck at a sale. Knew he was the genuine article from your info. Thanks, Default.

    I’ll definitely watching Hustle when a moment is spare as its a similar concept.
    [DU: That is great, I love book sales; you can find some great stuff for a pittance. I hope you enjoy the book. What book did you find?

    I am not sure if the Hustle guys ever use NLP, they seem like more straightforward (if that is the correct word for the elaborate ruses they concoct) con artists.

    I would be interested to hear any comments you have after reading the book.]

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