Blog Burnout


I have been trying to discipline myself to writing a post every day (with some weekend breaks). I seem to be suffering blog burnout, so I offer this paltry post as a way of claiming I kept up with my goal. I hope to be back tomorrow as I have one or two ideas, but fear I may be looking forward to writers block regarding topics.

I did add a new feature in the sidebar. I call it Readings for the Young Beta Male. In it, I will highlight blog posts or articles that may offer good guidance to the eponymous beta male.

Sorry, that’s it.

5 Responses to “Blog Burnout”

  1. An Unmarried Man Says:

    “Goals” are soul-crushers.

    Better to travel lightly on the winds of impulse.
    [DU: Reached goals can be invigorating, it is unreached goals that can be soul-crushers. There is a lot to recommend, as you put it, traveling light. I am currently in a state of not caring too much and I am quite happy for it.

    On the frequent blog updates: it was, I suppose, a goal. I just wanted to discipline my mind a bit more. I would achieve more, for myself and others, if I could just find the mental energy to perform planning and organizing tasks without procrastination (or, indeed, outright cancellation).

    I was pleased that I did keep to a schedule, but do seem to have burned out my mental energy. There is enough to write about (Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Arnold Schwarzenegger, etc.) and I have a few vague ideas for non-topical subjects (probably more my thing), but just feel pooped out in terms of generating actual posts.]

  2. chic noir Says:

    no e-wars for me my darling default or have you finally left me for one of the r-sphere heffers???

    I post to make you laugh, all of you and to entertain myself.
    [DU: I understood that your posts were in jest. I enjoyed them. As to the “r-sphere heffers,” I think the majority of comments here are from males. I am sure that my female readers are more like sprightly spring lambs than “heffers.”]

  3. An Unmarried Man Says:

    Haha, I forgot my comment here until I followed Chic’s comment from my email alert.

    I found (and find) that downsizing has helped me tremendously. For the longest time I found myself trying to say big things with lots of words. Blogging is evolution as well. I found eventually that writing less than a 1000 words is sometimes preferable (actually, just about always!) and trying to write posts that wrap their arms around the world will surely lead to burn-out. Much like any other activity involving physical or mental participation, practicing not to overextend is key.
    [DU: I have been working on other things. After my earlier flurry of writing I have not recently felt any need to update the blog. I am not sure that I want to call it quits (I have not even put up a “Test Card” post) but have no great drive to continue. You advice against overextension is good.]

    Goals are very, very important, other than being in a confused and altered state, I don’t know why I wrote that 🙂 Goals do involve painful honesty, however. Or they should.

  4. chic noir Says:

    oh but default, they do flirt with you. Whenever I sing your praises, they flock to you.

    So I don’t sling my love for you around anymore and now they’ve stopped flirting with you so much.
    [DU: I guess that is pre-unselection at work.]

  5. chic noir Says:

    Do you like my new “haircolor” default?
    [DU: Yes, it is very eye catching. From Chic Noir to Chic rouge. I believe SDaedalus has written about red hair (although she may not be so literal in her interpretation of “red”). Have you discovered some Irish heritage?]

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