Myers Musings: Conspiracy Theorist = INTJ


After taking on the terrorists and mass killers of the INFJ tribe, I now look to see if all conspiracy theorists might be INTJ.

It is time to take the red pill and see how deep the INTJ rabbit hole really goes.

Despite the attention seeking title, and unlike the bin Laden post referenced above, this will be at least somewhat serious.

The strongest cognitive function for INTJs is introverted intuition (Ni). Introverted intuition looks for patterns and interrelationships. It seeks the hidden as much as the visible. It cares about the relation ship between the parts of the whole. It can blend the paradoxical or contradictory into a coherent understanding. Introverted intuition is what creates those “aha!” moments where a previously blurry picture comes into sharp focus.

Introverted intuition is the ability of look at a black box, its inputs and outputs, and figure out how it works without full access to its innards. It is a convergent form of thinking drawing inferences to arrive at a best solution. It notices patterns and can then arrive at their cause.
[extraverted intuition is divergent thinking that seeks possibilities instead of solutions.]

The INTJ may use these strengths to generate insights in business and science. Of course, finding hidden patterns, interconnections, relationships, and resolving seeming paradox is also what allows them see the hidden agendas of conspirators. Sensing types will only consider the evidence plainly in front of them, while extraverted intuitives (xNTP) will miss the patterns and connections that are so clear to the INTJ.

Supporting introverted intuition in the INTJ is extraverted thinking (Te). Extraverted thinking seeks to bring order to the world. In business this allows the INTJ to plan and manage based on his insights. In science, it ensures his insights come to a useful conclusion or discovery. For conspiracies, it allows him put form to the patterns revealed by introverted intuition.

I admit that the title was in jest, however I do not intend to mock conspiracy theories, I am just showing how a particular form of thinking would make one more comfortable generating such thoughts.


I would love to hear from INTJs regarding my description of their thought patterns (Ni). Describing these cognitive processes is fraught with difficulty, even for processes you use strongly (Ne not Ni is a strong function for INTP).

In real life I have had had INTJs point out such patterns (actual inner workings of an organization), I then (automatically) started to generate possibilities from that insight (“so that means we could. . .”).

Introverted intuition is shared with INFJs. When not acting as international terrorists or despots, they may be more likely to use introverted intuition to divine the motives of others.

Introverted intuition is only supporting in ENTJ/ENFJ, so they may be less likely to rely on its promptings.

16 Responses to “Myers Musings: Conspiracy Theorist = INTJ”

  1. Keoni Galt Says:

    IntJ here.

    Is that surprising? lol
    [DU: No.

    But, at least you are not a terrorist like those evil INFJs

    PS I remembered that you were INTJ, but the post was not aimed at you. A reply on another post referenced the intersection of PUA/MRA and conspiracy theories.]

  2. Vincent Ignatius Says:

    I’m not an INTJ, but my father was, many of my friends are, and I currently work in a field where this is the dominant type. In my own work, I use introverted intuition quite a lot. I think the thought process is much less active than you say.

    Introverted intuition looks for patterns and interrelationships.

    INTJs seem to find patterns and interrelationships because their brains automatically make these connections, at least that’s how my introverted intuition works. They don’t exactly look for the pattern, that’s more like sensing types. The insight just pops into the mind.
    [DU: I meant that the process does the seeking, rather than the individual. As you say, from the point of the individual the patterns probably do just appear unbidden (as possibilities do for extraverted intuition).]

  3. PA Says:

    On my test, the result was nearly split in the middle, just barely on the xNFP side, with E and I being even. In a funny way though, I remember some of my answers being extremes that cancelled each other out. If memory serves right, I’d note “strongly agree” to a J question (to the extent that they were obvious) and then “strongly agree” to a P question, with them cancelling each other out.
    [DU: I cannot remember the other questions, but I do remember the ones that were most “difficult” (where I could really go either way) related to the Thinking/Feeling divide. Regarding the J/P questions: it is good to keep them guessing.]

  4. Hope Says:

    “Introverted intuition is shared with INFJs. When not acting as international terrorists or depots, they may be more likely to use introverted intuition to divine the motives of others.”

    My husband’s a conspiracy theorist.
    [DU: Conspiracy theories are fine but just remember, if he starts looking up “bomb making” or “suitcase nuke” you should call the appropriate authorities . . .

    I think you said he was into “free energy” type ideas. I wonder if there is a difference between the type of conspiracies FJ and TJ types prefer (a TP type like me, loves them all.)

    PS: I noticed the “depots” typo. I am not sure why an INFJ would want to be a bus station. I have corrected it in the original.]

  5. Hope Says:

    I have a good female friend/coworker who is the only INTJ I know. She is very unique. Fiery personality, almost seems like an extrovert, loud, dominant, but actually she has a lot of social anxieties and loves to nerd out and read. We get along pretty well. She doesn’t strike me as a conspiracy theorist though
    [DU: Despite my tongue in cheek title (how very Ne), I was not saying that all INTJs are conspiracy theorists or that only INTJs could be conspiracy theorists. Your friend may be good at figuring out he hidden agendas of various people at work. As you said INTJs can be (or appear) very confident, fiery, etc. It is the benefit of having an extraverted judging function.]

  6. Flavia Says:

    Hope, what is your husband a conspiracy theorist about? You know, that is kind of a pejorative is used to marginalize people that question the government status quo. Even when they do something as questionable as dump the body of the #1 wanted man in America in the middle of the ocean at 2am and refuse to produce pictures….if you question it, you’re either an anti gov’t nut or a conspiracy theorist. Or both. It’s an excellent strategy to keep those that want to appear normal quiet.
    [DU: In a comment, Hope said her husband was into things such as HAARP and free energy.]

    @DU: Some readers and information junkies may be conspiracy theorists because they have gathered more information than you. It is disingenuous and counterproductive to link someone that dares question a usurious, filthy, lying government as a “nut”. Have you done any research on the CIA? Or for Christ sakes, the Mossad. Yeah, one must be batshit crazy to to question the intentions of an agency who’s motto is: β€œBy way of deception, thou shall do war”
    [DU: Whatever gave you the impression that I was mocking conspiracy theorists. Indeed, I specifically stated that I was not. I was not even (really) mocking INTJs. The article title was tongue-in-cheek. The description and analysis was correct (as best as I could make it), but the starting point was an attempt at humor. I enjoy insights from bloggers such as Hawaiian Libertarian and other red pill swallowers.]

  7. Jay Says:

    Because I am an INFJ, I can certainly understand why one could draw the conclusions you have drawn πŸ˜‰ However, I believe that the intuitive/feeling portion of our INFJ personality can become easily activated with all the miss information we glean from our dishonorable mass media of today. Then, add on top of that, we read a lot. The more info the better. After making all of the (we think) logical connections, that’s when the fun part begins, with regard to “conspiracy theories”.

    We actually see & feel the connections we make are totally logical. Add to this increased brain activity my following statements & we come to believe we see clearly what may be going on. I even find it hard to believe that others don’t see it πŸ™‚

    I can’t watch your average mystery programs, too boring. After about 5 minutes, I have figured out the plot & the finale. I usually spoil it for others watching with me. I am right approx. 95% of time. People always say, “How’d you know that?” I actually don’t know how I knew that. Most times, I must admit that I am disappointed by the endings. In my head, I had a much more complicated & twisted plot than the writers wrote. Many times, friends & family like my version better πŸ™‚ Thus, that being right 95% of time only adds fuel to the conspiracy theory, that I just may be right.

    I do try very hard to disprove my theories, but many times I can not. For example: I just read some declassified CIA papers from the 60’s. They are basically a play by play handbook of how to create a “false flag”. Their cynario was for flying remotely controlled airplanes into large buildings in the US & blaming it on Castro in Cuba. Hum……Does this sound familiar? They went into great detail about how they were going to charter a plane from Miami & load it with Cuban Nationals. They would make sure that there were plenty of witnesses to the people boarding the plane. They then would fly the plane to a local Airforce base, deplane the passengers & continue via remote control to accomplish their goal. Thus, convincing the unsuspecting, frightened American citizens that we needed to retaliate on Cuba. The end result justified a war with Cuba & removal, via assassination, of Castro. It’s sounding mighty familiar to me. However, in their cynario, the Cuban Nationals would be part of the plot. I do not believe the people on the 3 planes on 9/11 were co-conspirators. I am wondering exactly what happened to them.

    So, logically, one could see how the 9/11 conspiracy theory is very plausible & may not be a theory at all. How can the colaspe of building 7 be explained? Pretty amazing that all 3 buildings fell right into their own foot prints?? It did look like demolition to me. If it looks like a duck & quacks like a duck, it usually is a duck. And then there’s that pesky Thermite thing? Add to this that we were engaged in a wargame with our Airforce, with a very similar cynario of planes being flown in the World Trade Center. I do believe in coincidences, but there were just too many coincidences on 9/11. And then there’s the insider trading issues that occured just prior to 9/11. As they say, when in doubt, follow the money. I have tried very hard to disprove each individual descrepancy…. I can’t. So… into Afganistan we went. The heart of the Opium trade. Oil is mere peanuts compared to the renewable Drug Trade. Had we not just recovered from the Iran Contra issue? I actually felt compassion for Olie North. Dumb me!

    If we take each unexplainable act committed out of context, I admit, there appears to be no connection. But it seems fairly logical, that when the individual acts are placed into context, the theory of conspiracy, is no longer a theory, but a probable fact. Someone, somewhere knows the truth. Oh, I forgot, we just assassinated Bin Laden & buried him at sea. This sounds like a wildly thrilling fictional book. Very John Grisham-ish? They weren’t even creative enough to write their own plot or subplots. Thus, they could not have been INFJ’s.

    I do have to disagree with you in one area. INFJ’s are not the type of personalities that carry out terrorist activities. We care too much about people to inflict terror & pain. It would be incongruent with our idealist standards, even for those terrorists proved guilty. We would most likely turn the other cheek. Remember, it is believed that Jesus was an INFJ personality & Mother Teresa too πŸ™‚

    PS: To all the INFJ’s reading this web post: Anyone but me feeling overly anxious for vurtually no known reason? I’m experiencing a high pitched ringing in my ears, not normal for me. No pain, just ringing. I am trying to ignore it. But I am unable to ignore my intuitive feeling of an impending disaster. I am not nuts, nor do I think I am psychic. I am intuitively feeling an overwhelming, disorganized energy. Anyone know what’s that’s about???? I am hoping it is just me & maybe I have allergies or something.

    Sorry so long, but I am an INFJ πŸ™‚ I love to write!

  8. Hope Says:

    Hi Jay, agree with most of your post. You sound a lot like my husband (we are both INFJ), and he’s definitely been anxious lately (though he has his own issues, too). You two should talk. He doesn’t even bother with the “theory” on 9/11 anymore. He just takes it as truth that the official story is bs.

    Oh and he has his own explanations for the ringing in the ear thing depending on left or right ear.

  9. Jay Says:

    It’s both ears! I’ve been checking out HAARP & the drunken Russian official who commented yesterday!!! Sound waves & energy. Tesla was a genius!

    What’s your husband’s theory on the ear ringing????

  10. Hope Says:

    He is also active in the spirituality communities and blogs. According to him, left ear ringing is a negative, and right ear ringing is a positive sign that you’re on the correct path.

    Most people would think we were crazy if they knew half the stuff we investigate / think about / discuss. He’s also been reading about “disclosure” and aliens. So yeah. There you go. πŸ˜›

  11. flavia Says:

    That’s cuz the official 911 story is laughable. Yeah, so two planes crashed into the WTC, MELTING steel. But um, one of the hijacker’s PAPER passports survived the flames? And was then found?

    And how about the the dancing “We were there to document the event” Israelis?

    It’s all such horse shit.

    I don’t know enough HAARP to make an opinion, but I believe TPTB are capable of anything. Ben Shalom Bernanke could rip off his face to reveal a big green lizard mug and I’d be like, “Yeah, makes sense.”

    And yes, I have tested as INTJ.

    @Hope: Have you noticed the amount of movies right now regarding aliens and first contact? It is an interesting parallel from the time before 911 when we were bombarded (heh) with terrorism movies.

  12. flavia Says:

    Also interesting time to disclose the Roswell situation:

    The PDF is fro the NSA.

  13. Hope Says:

    Oh yeah Flavia, I have heard lots of it. He’s been playing movies and clips from YouTube and other places about this stuff day in and day out. I’ve gotten quite the fill on alien stuff. I’m kind of the Scully to his Mulder though.

  14. Clarence Says:

    Wow. You people need to read some skeptical stuff. Sure. The buildings couldn’t have imploded due to the fire retardent used on the girders (which is now banned) or the fact that the planes were larger than the types the buildings were designed for. Sure, two of the largest buildings in the world collapsing wouldn’t affect the ground or structural integrity of other nearby buildings at all. Sure. It’s also not as if there aren’t plenty of debunking websites about this kind of 911 conspiracy theory out there, some of them written by real engineers and scientists with a known reputation.


  15. Hope Says:

    I don’t believe in everything 100%, but I keep an eye out for both sides. The thing is there are lots of real horrible things that have been done in recent years. Ignore all of 9/11, and we still have the Valerie Plame case, the nonexistent wmds, the fraud that led to the stocks plummeting, and tons of others. So forget the wtc buildings, and you still have tons of things that people on top just completely got away with. And people say, so what? That’s part of what I find frustrating about the current breed of conspiracy theorists. They don’t care about the past decade.

  16. Brandon Chapman Says:

    I’ve been a “conspiracy theorist” for many years. I’ve been trying to type myself for years. Have no clue at this point.

    When I was fresh out of high school, I first typed as INTP. Thing is, if you take these tests online, you’re not guaranteed any good results. Why? Well first off I’ve noticed after spending a lot of time on different sites dealing with the MBTI, is that most people’s understandings of the theory don’t match up when they describe it. Even the questions I read are…well, questionable in my mind. You need a professional to administer the test, or at the very least a good friend who has known you for some time to be willing to do a long online version on you and score as they think/feel is most accurate. I’m leaning towards the hummanetrics test as being one of the best free ones online.

    Anyways, I’ve since shown up as INTP/ENTP/INFJ/INTJ/INFP/ENFP

    Truth be told, I’ve been traumatized by various events over the years. Add to that, I’ve taken a ton of psychadelics. Am thinking my type is next to impossible to know, as I’ve delved deep into my shadow in the past, progressed, regressed, etc, etc..

    All I can tell for sure is that there is a correlation between my general feelings about the world, and seeing negative connections everywhere. If I feel too disconnected from the average individual, and start thinking I’m broken, then I start obsessively researching conspiracies.

    I had a point in my past where I bought into a lot of new age and very bizarre trains of thoughts, but slowly peeled away the layers of delusion, and have bounced back into what seems to be a mostly sane position. I first tried self help books, then books related to new-age, energy work, metaphysical beliefs…and then I got into funky online forums dealing with aliens, free energy suppression, new world order memes, and the like.

    In the last three years or so, I first dropped the metaphysical and new age jargon, then reasoned my way out of putting any effort into anything alien related. One of the latest breakthroughs that I made was about 18 months ago, I realized that it was far too simple and absurd to think any one group of powerful individuals had a truly significant chunk of influence on the human race. I denied what people may refer to as the “illuminati” or the “ruling class”. I still know old wealth has been handed down, and some individuals hold an incredible amount of power, but so what? What I mean is that there are 7 billion+ minds out there, and a lot of spheres for influence, so you truly can’t be doing that much with so many layers of interactions going on at once. You may be able to monopolize MSM to some extent as CEO of media conglomerate, hire who you want, fire who you want, air what matches your beliefs, rig polls, etc..but it’s just one area of influence. Your government may attempt to influence the media, suppress information, centralize authority in a brutal means, and write laws that attempt to limit your freedoms, but so what? What I mean is, it’s all going on at once. People fight back depending on when their breaking point has been breached.

    I don’t know. I think it’s too damned simplified to think in a black and whilte way as most conspiracy theorists (and psychotics) do. What we label as good and evil is merely cultural constructs influencing our indivudual opinions on various events. It’s all circumstantial, and heavily layered, in my mind. Some may see a deed as pure evil, while others see it as a necessar evil, and even others see it as a greater good, and still others see it as neither, and the best/only true option. I’m going for the latter these days. That there is only one ever folding reality, and all our hands are drenched in the blood of someone elses sweat if we think deeply enough.

    I think to myself, and know I have a shadow. I look to my close love’s and know they have evil in them. I look to my community, and know without our common faith in trust, our instinctual evil would emerge. I see the same happening with various institutions, governments, and the species as a whole. Who the hell are we to judge these supposed power elite, or ruling class, as needing to be perfect, or evil, or whatever? I see damage control, and cycles simply repeating no matter what any one does, given enough time, people, and lack of adequate resources for civility. The long run necessitates collapses, rebirths, and in the process, growth, regression and all that jive.

    So now I’m doing my best to focus on the smaller picture. I’m trying to not think in spans of years, and decades, and trying to enjoy every moment I’ve got. I’m 29, and have spent my 20’s mostly inside my apartment and head, thinking of what may be, and missing out a bit on the time when I’m supposed to be forging social bonds. It’s not too late, though. Now that I’ve gotten through most of the BS, I’m getting ready to move to the next phase of my life.

    I found that for whatever type I may be, getting outside and developing healthy Se seems to promote my well sense of being. So I’m using that Se to connect with others, and hopefully find a cute woman to date and marry some day. I’m doing CROSSFIT, swimming, biking, running, rockclimbing, and will start packing parachutes at the local skydive center. As I’m getting fit, and spending time outdoors, I’ll also be using the remaining time to think and intuit on more healthy things. That designing, and implementing a profitable company.

    So that’s my story. Was pretty messed in the head, attached onto a lot of things that may or may not be true, and decided to chunk it in exchange for happiness and socioeconomic success. Call me greedy, shallow, or whatever else. I don’t care. I’m a member of my society, and this is how we do it here πŸ˜‰

    If I had to guess now my type now, it would be a semi-developed INFJ. I recall often having problems with being able to sense what was around me when I was “backed up” in the past. Something would bother me really bad (Fe), and I’d drop off Se, and go into a Ni+Ti loop for a while. It still happens, but not as much as it used to.
    [DU: I think tests like the Myers-Briggs, especially online tests, should be taken more as possibly constructive fun than deep psychological insight.

    I see the shadow, not as some dark hidden badness, but merely unacknowledged parts of our own makeup. These parts may even be considered good, such as unacknowledged creativity or compassion. They form the shadow because they remain somewhat hidden from us. Also like our actual shadow they are a less concrete representation of ourselves that always follows us around. I believe that Jung, upon whom Myers and Briggs based their work, believed that the greatest opportunities came from examining the shadow personality.

    As to conspiracy theories, I too am skeptical of claims of a small, all controlling cabal. However, the power to influence events, and the particular interests from controlling those events, are not evenly distributed. Powerful forces may not literally choose our president, but can influence who runs, who is considered “reasonable,” and what issues form part of “polite discourse.”

    Focusing on your own well-being is not such a bad thing. A good friend, good neighbor, a good employee, may achieve far more good than an unhappy “concerned” person fulminating against all manners of evil.

    Your current plan (getting out, trying new activities, etc.) sounds great. I wish you happiness and success. ]

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