A Symbolic Victory is Still a Victory


Much has been written about the killing of that evil INFJ, Osama bin Laden. For what it’s worth (at least face value, I hope), here is my two cents worth.

In game, or any attempt at self-improvement, minor victories, even if symbolic more than real, offer benefits. Sometimes it is the change in mood or attitude, and not the specific result, which provides benefits. So it is with the killing of bin Laden.

Is the world a safer place? No. Is the world a better place? No. Will the massive military budget shrink, even a little? No. Will the ever intrusive police state retreat? No.

Despite all of this, it is still a good result. It will buoy the morale of those troops who have suffered extended deployments. It finally offers a small payback to the massive expenditures of the operations in the Mid-East. It may even provide some sense of justice and closure (much as I dislike that word) to those who suffered or lost loved ones in the awful events of that beautiful fall day.

To some it may seem unfair that credit for this event will go to the current Commander in Chief, despite the fact that it involved a huge array of people working together, may have relied on operations set in motion before his arrival. The President suffers the blame for things that, although beyond his strict control, happen on his watch; so too does he gain credit for good things that, although beyond his strict control, happen on his watch. It seems churlish to demean the successful operation for partisan reasons. Although the success of the operation is down to the men that took part, the political success belongs to Obama.

This may be a symbolic victory, but it is still a victory. Nothing much may change, but we can enjoy a brief moment of good feelings.


When I claim the operation was not under Obama’s strict control, I mean that besides giving or approving the order, he had little part. It is likely that a fully formed plan, based on acquired intelligence was presented to the President. He still deserves credit for approving the strike, given that it was not risk free.

I am leaving aside issues of the missing body (conveniently falling/buried over the side); just how important OBL was, or whether he ever existed, was already dead etc. Other people have covered these better than I could. Sadly, in this age of fakery, even our symbolic victories may be not be real.

One Response to “A Symbolic Victory is Still a Victory”

  1. maurice Says:

    No 72 virgins in Paradise for him- rather, 72 chlamydia-infested infidel wholes in Hell.
    [DU: All the chicks love a bad-boy. I am sure he will receive love letters borne on angel wings from love lost ethereal souls looking to reform him. They may not be virgins though.]

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