Myers Musings: bin Laden an INFJ?


My earlier post suggesting that the fictional Carrie Bradshaw might have been INFJ stirred up a hornets’ nest of INFJ wrath (ok, two replies questioning my choice).

Now it is time to poke even harder with that stick.

According to Celebrity Types the possibly fictional, but officially dead Osama bin Laden might have been an INFJ. This analysis seems similar to the one forwarded by David Brooks of Osama as a shy and misunderstood kid.

Given that another suggestion for INFJ is Adolf Hitler, I have learned my lesson: do not mess with INFJs. And to think all this time I feared INTJs; those fricken’ pussies, how many people have they killed?
[although I should note that Dick Cheney is suggested as an INTJ]

3 Responses to “Myers Musings: bin Laden an INFJ?”

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  3. MrLonely Says:

    oh my god !! i am IMFJ ?? T.T
    [DU: I have traced your IP address and have reported you to the authorities. I am just doing my bit to stamp out terrorism. :/

    PS: The bin Laden = INFJ is just the assessment of one web site. It may or may not be true. My post was in jest.]

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