Hercule Poirot on Marriage


Perhaps the great detective would have been an MRA, he certainly could count as a Man Going His Own Way.

What did his “little gray cells” deduce about marriage?

Hercule Poirot: In my experience, I know of five cases of wives being murdered by their devoted husbands.

Captain Hastings: Oh?

Hercule Poirot: And twenty-two husbands being murdered by their devoted wives. So thank you, no. Marriage, it is not for me.

[“Agatha Christie’s Poirot” (TV) – The Double Clue (1991)]

Hercule Poirot was the creation of a woman; a real man would never have figured it out.


4 Responses to “Hercule Poirot on Marriage”

  1. SDaedalus Says:

    Maybe the danger is mitigated by the fact that ‘devoted wives’ are few and far between these days?
    [DU: Always look on the bright side?]

  2. Hope Says:

    Hercule Poirot was created by Agatha Christie, who is female. Interesting indeed.
    [DU: To be fair I should point out that the quote was from the TV series, so perhaps it did not come from Christie. The warning still stands, though :/]

  3. PA Says:

    “Sometimes, Dolores, an accident can be an unhappy woman’s best friend.”
    [DU: The lesson here is that if you think she is unhappy, she should have an accident first :/]

  4. maurice Says:

    Any of those famous fictional detectives make me think of “Murder by Death”. Which was not about spouse killing, of course, but a spoof of all those detectives rolled into one.
    [DU: It has been a long time since I saw that. I might look it up again.]

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