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May 26, 2011

After my earlier post where I covered shyness, I will now ponder confidence.




May 24, 2011

The discussion on a SDaedalus thread included descriptions of dances for teenagers. The description of young men on one side, young women on the other, with few crossing over the gulf, caused me to ponder what a curse shyness is.


Republican Professors are Tougher Graders

May 23, 2011

An article on Inside Higher Ed relates a study that shows Republican professors (both of them) grade in a less egalitarian manner than Democratic professors. Republican professors awarded a wider range of marks, giving more high grades and more low grades. Democratic professors tended to give fewer “extreme” grades.


Milk and Wine Revisited

May 17, 2011

I wrote a while ago about the maxim that women age like milk, while men age like wine. Men tend to embrace it, while women tend to reject it.

Men like the idea because it seems to point to a rise in their power in the dating market. Women tend to dislike it because it points to a decline in their power in the dating market. However, I am not so sure either are correct.



May 11, 2011

Some deplore chivalry as no longer valid in a grrl-power world. Others, mostly women and social conservatives, regret its loss. I cannot say I really deplore it, but I hardly regret its slight decline (and let’s be clear, it has not disappeared).

In the words of Bill Clinton, we should, “mend it, not end it.”


Blog Burnout

May 10, 2011

I have been trying to discipline myself to writing a post every day (with some weekend breaks). I seem to be suffering blog burnout, so I offer this paltry post as a way of claiming I kept up with my goal. I hope to be back tomorrow as I have one or two ideas, but fear I may be looking forward to writers block regarding topics.

I did add a new feature in the sidebar. I call it Readings for the Young Beta Male. In it, I will highlight blog posts or articles that may offer good guidance to the eponymous beta male.

Random Thoughts: Solutions

May 9, 2011

It is a frequent complaint of the Internet that everyone complains (I do believe there is an irony there if you care to look), but no one offers solutions.

While I consider them more ideas than “solutions,” I offer them to quell the complaining masses.


Myers Musings: Final Thoughts

May 6, 2011

This current set of Myers musings meanders to an end. For now I feel talked out on the entire topic (although I may write something on the shadow).

So here are some final musings on the topic of Myers-Briggs


Myers Musings: INTP and Me

May 5, 2011

If INTJ are the conspiracy theorists then INTP are just theorists, period.

So what can we say about INTPs? I have some theories . . .


Myers Musings: Conspiracy Theorist = INTJ

May 4, 2011

After taking on the terrorists and mass killers of the INFJ tribe, I now look to see if all conspiracy theorists might be INTJ.

It is time to take the red pill and see how deep the INTJ rabbit hole really goes.