HBD: White People


White people, they are everywhere. They are the majority of the commenters in the HBD sphere, but are less frequently the topic under discussion.

So, what can we say about this group of people? This White blogger finally gets to investigate something he might know a little about.

This is one of a series where I discuss issues and elements of what is referred to as HBD. Similar to my Random Thoughts series these posts will be more personal and less scholarly. If you want deeply footnoted reference work, please look elsewhere. Disclaimer aside, I do hope to give a passable overview of the subject.

Firstly, I would like to propose a new set of initials. This would be a counterpart to NAM (Non-Asian Minority). In this post, I when I say “White” I mean NJWs (Non-Jewish White); a group that includes WASPs (White Anglo Saxon Protestants) although not limited to them, while excluding Jews (who generally count as White).

Many dismiss the broad White majority as “vanilla” or “white bread.” While the benefits of “flava” or “vibrancy” are often overstated, there is an element of truth to the “vanilla” claim. In some ways, Whites are the great big middle: Blacks tend to run faster, box harder, and jump higher; Asians tend to be more diligent and a bit smarter; Jews win more Nobel prizes, tend to earn more money, and are probably a lot smarter. Despite this, White people, own most of the wealth, provide most of the progress, and run the most successful societies. What is their secret?

A lot of success is about being good enough, not necessarily the best (by definition, something few can achieve). While the contributions of the talented few garner most notice, well-ordered societies rely on those of moderate to high (but not outstanding) ability. By not specializing in either warrior (even if many Whites perform at high levels in sports and entertainment) or wizard (it is not as if Whites have won zero Nobel prizes) roles majority White populations can fill all the needed roles required by a healthy well-ordered society. While their average IQ may not match that of Jews and Asians, they also do not have many members with extremely low intelligence. White populations have enough smart people to create an advanced society, but do not have so many unintelligent to cause problems. They have enough individualism to ensure competition, but enough trust to channel those aggressions into positive activities.

Many traits can move from desirable to dangerous under different conditions. For White populations, universalism is that trait. White societies tend towards high trust; they remain open to outsiders. Such high trust allowed the White Western world move from small clan-based groups to larger nation states. It permitted trade and cooperation across broader areas. It allowed such societies to bring in outsiders whose skills added to overall well-being.

Mass immigration and the metastasizing of cooperation and openness to multiculturalism have turned high-trust into a losing proposition. As with the Prisoner’s Dilemma game, playing high-trust against a low-trust opponent is always a losing proposition. Some of the problems in majority White societies arise from forgetting this simple rule. Perhaps high-trust needs to become high-trust-but-carefully-verify.

To those that celebrate our demographic decline I warn you that you may miss us when we are gone. I do not mean this in the Nixonian “don’t have us to kick around anymore” way. I mean that White Western rule has not been so bad for the World.

It is not clear to me that China or India would be as benevolent to the rest of the world if they become the major power. Africa cannot organize itself, let alone the rest of the world. Israel (or the Jews) may have the brains, but lack the numbers or temperament that global leadership needs.

For all the talk of the brutality of colonialism, the period of White rule was closer to an officious, if well meaning, boss rather than the cruelty of a tyrant. The post-White world may be more like a series of hostile takeover attempts. The new boss may not be like the old boss at all.

I am not opposed to adding spice to the pot; it just should not become the entire meal. Low-carb types might reject white bread, but a decent vanilla ice cream is full of rich flavors and wonderful textures. White people: Not the greatest, but damn well good enough.


4 Responses to “HBD: White People”

  1. Hope Says:

    I heart the white people.

    Heart the warrior/wizard multiclass analogy, too.
    [DU: Thanks. I heart Asians. . . except the ones that talk on their phones in the library :/]




    [DU: HBD = Human Bio Diversity, the study of group differences. I explained in a bit more detail in an earlier post (HBD: What and Why?). The full term is not very elegant, but the three-letter abbreviation is handy.]

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