HBD: Mexicans


I deliberately did not title this “Hispanics” because most mentions of “Hispanic” mean Mexicans, as they make up the majority (~66 percent) of all Hispanics. It would be even more correct to say Mestizo, as the majority of immigrants and existing Mexicans are of mixed Euro/Native American. As part of my sans-unicorn skipping through the rainbow of diversity, it is time to consider this group.

¡Ay, caramba!, more work for this blogger.

Actually I have been saved a lot of work because, as chance would have it, Unamusement Park and Steve Sailer have covered this already. Instead of an essay, I will just make a few points.
[On checking Unamused’s page, I see he even used “Ay Caramba” (before I posted this, I should add)]

This is one of a series where I discuss issues and elements of what is referred to as HBD. Similar to my Random Thoughts series these posts will be more personal and less scholarly. If you want deeply footnoted reference work, please look elsewhere. Disclaimer aside, I do hope to give a passable overview of the subject.

I suspect that much of the confusion over (and bifurcation of Hispanic) performance is because it is not a true (or at least clearly defined) ethnicity. For example, in the United States, Cubans are mostly White, Columbians and Dominicans may have more African heritage, and Mexicans are mostly White/Native American. There may also be regional difference to the exact admixture of Hispanics in the US
[see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Admixturehispanicswest.jpg].

Because most Mexicans have some White admixture, this means that children of White/Mexican parings will be very White (e.g., Bill Richardson).

Affirmative Action and corporate diversity programs may well cause many essentially White persons (of Spanish heritage) to identify as Hispanic (e.g., Bill Richardson).

When the elite mix with Mexicans or Hispanics it looks like this:

Spot the White Guy

Spot the White Guy

When the average person thinks of Mexican or Hispanic it looks more like this:

Not a White Guy

Not a White Guy


That this post is somewhat (somewhat???) boring, might prove Sailer’s point that Hispanics are just not that interesting. Well that is my excuse.

Original images were from Wikipedia.


3 Responses to “HBD: Mexicans”

  1. Unamused Says:

    Haha, not as boring as you think. I missed this: AA and diversity enforcement can create artificial Hispanicity (not a real word).
    [DU: Hispanicity is not a real word and Hispanic is not a real ethnicity, so that makes sense. As you suggest, I am sure for many it is a flag of convenience.]

  2. BSD Says:

    Most people imagine Hispanics to be dark. Realistically, some Hispanic groups in this nation (eg Cuban) are like 90% white.
    [DU: True. I suspect most people think Mexican when they use “Hispanic.” The majority of Mexicans in the US probably have a large part of Native/Indian origins. I suspect that Republicans who tout Hispanic family values and assimilation are thinking of populations with a high European heritage (e.g., Cubans, or the Mexican elite – think Vicente Fox and Felipe Calderón.

    If only Willard Libby was here to comment on that. :/]

  3. BSD Says:

    Second gen Cubans are more successful than their caucasian counterparts in like…everything. School (high college degree rate), salary (make more money on average), family (lower divorce rates), etc. Cubans also have a disproportionate amount of control over the American political sphere; face it, presidents have changed foreign policy to pander to Cuban American interest…an ethnic group that constitutes, what? 1% of the USA population.

    Yet they report very high rates of discrimination.

    In a way, though, they’re a model ethnic group. There are a lot of hypotheses as to Cuban success; most of it comes from a unity that normally isn’t present among other Hispanic groups (hence the unPC nickname, “Jews of the Caribbean”). In addition, the American gov helped Cubans a lot when they came here, and still does to an extent. But it’s clearly not put to waste.
    [DU: Claiming discrimination, out earning the natives, influencing national politics and the relations with one small and otherwise not that important country. The “Jews of the Caribbean” sounds about right.]

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