HBD: The Jewish Question


Just in time for the Sabbath (it is sundown somewhere in the World), I cross the Jewbicon (h/t Roissy/Renegade commenter Doug1 for that phrase), and raise, not the white flag but the eternal question: What about the Jews.

This non-Jewish blogger investigates: normally ten dollars, but for you. . .

This is one of a series where I discuss issues and elements of what is referred to as HBD. Similar to my Random Thoughts series these posts will be more personal and less scholarly. If you want deeply footnoted reference work, please look elsewhere. Disclaimer aside, I do hope to give a passable overview of the subject.

There is perhaps a strange irony, a great trick of the cosmic comedian, that if there were to be a master race, that race would be the Jews.

Wherever they reside, Jews tend to be successful, often rising to the top of society in terms of wealth and influence. As a group, they possess a set of traits that promote such success: high intelligence, high verbal dexterity and aggression, a strong group identity, and traditions that promote knowledge and status seeking. It is little wonder that Jews are disproportional winners of Nobel prizes, holders of high office, and owners of wealth.

As I pointed out in an earlier post, all societies will tend to develop an elite, a group above the rest. Elite groups can become disconnected from or even hostile towards the general population. This is bad enough in a racially or ethnically homogenous country, it is worse when that group, or large parts of it, is different. As tiger mom, Amy Chua pointed out in World on Fire “market dominant minorities” tend not to be so popular. Despite their expressed fears, Jews in the United States face little real threat to their position, however consideration of their success and influence should not be shunted off to the impolite topics section. In the same way we notice crime and dropout rates, we notice who holds the wealth. Considerations of Jewish influence should be seen in that light.

The Jewish question will be eternal because it crosses boundaries of politics, economics, race, class, ethnicity, and the ultimate question of “Who? Whom?” (who does what to whom?).

Now adjourn your Goyish asses and enjoy the weekend (or Sabbath).


Many of the American right seem philo-semetic. Despite the general hostility of Jews towards the right, and especially traditionalism, the right appears to be far less hostile to Jews, Israel, and Zionism in general (Christian Zionists outnumber Jewish ones) compared to the left.

I wonder if the activities of the Third Reich may have actually had a eugenic effect on the surviving Jewish population: I am assuming that more of the wealthier merchant class escaped, and scientists and physicists were welcomed in other countries because of their potential contributions to the war effort. It is sad that I need to state this, but I will: none of the above should be taken as any kind of justification for the wholesale slaughter of people. Also, I am not trying to suggest that the population was not already prone to intelligence and high achievement.

Am I an anti-Semite? No, I would consider myself a Judeo-skeptic. They are an interest group just like any other; often their interest will be hostile (or at least unfriendly) to mind. Just because I can appreciate the great contributions Jews have made to the world does not mean cannot be wary where such “contributions” may not be in my best interests. I also consider myself Hispano-skeptic, Afro-skeptic, and even Hiberno(Irish)-skeptic. To those groups I did not mention, I apologize; that was due to lack of space and not lack of skepticism.


One Response to “HBD: The Jewish Question”

  1. dana Says:

    i have placed you on the slate for discussion at the next Protocols meeting, beware
    [DU: Kevin MacDonald made my write it, honest!]

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