Friday, Friday, Cancelled


Ok, yesterday’s (yesterday was Friday, Friday) post was rather lame. To add insult to injury, assuming you watched all two minutes of the Rebearca (groan) video, I have another (well almost) post on the subject.

I had started with the idea of rewriting the lyrics in a amusing manner, touching on issues and characters within this area of the blogosphere. However after listening to the song several times, each time hoping for some inspiration (the things I do for my readers), I really did not have much to offer.

Instead, I will make it a challenge. I will ask you, my dear readers, for suggestions. I have some half assed, half completed lyrics to start you, but I am sure you can do better.

As you will see these snippets are incomplete and may not even match the meter. They are, however, the best I could come up with before my energy, patience, and eardrums gave out.

Snippet 1

7:00am, waking up in the morning
Gotta log on see my comments
Avoid cereal, not paleo
100 Pullups and kettleballs

Snippet 2

Reading the Renegade
Reading the Spearhead
Gotta make my mind up
What site do I read.

Snippet 3

[Chorus – featuring: chic noir, sdaedalus, MandyStormyXD]
Partyin’ Partyin’ Yeah
Partyin’ Partyin’ Yeah
Default, Default Yeah
Default, Default Yeah

[Rap Verse]

Arguing with the GLPiggy
It all seems so silly

Won’t he holla back

[Rap Verse – alternate]

{David Alexander}
Beta male, drive my car
Much better to railfan

You so excited? I know we are.


2 Responses to “Friday, Friday, Cancelled”

  1. Bhetti Says:

    Could not get through the rebearca.
    [DU: I tried to shorten it as much as I could so as not to stretch the patience of my readers. I too would have found it hard to watch all the way through, as any joke is more in the idea than the presentation. By not watching it all you do miss the “punch line,” where the rapper bear tells us that he preferred the “Ben Bernank” video (a href=””>

    It’s PUA, PUA
    Gotta FTOW and get a lay
    Everybody wants to hook up with a real ten, real ten

    Tomorrow has to be slutty six day
    Alpha day comes afterwards

  2. David Alexander Says:

    David Alexander doesn’t rap. 🙂
    DU: Poetic license – mine, not yours.

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