Market Research


Question: What is your favorite feature (for want of a better word) on this blog?

I cannot see who voted, or how they voted. Items entered under “Other” do not show up when you click “View Results,” I will report on these (if any) later).

Anybody suggesting the “default option” will have their posting privileges removed.


7 Responses to “Market Research”

  1. chicnoir Says:

    def in the “style of”. second are the short stories and third are your political posts.
    *chic noir lets out a goffy chuckle*

    You make me hot acting all alpha and stuff when you write about politics. [DU: I am a blogger, hear me roaaar]

  2. Mandy! XD Says:

    I hope you enjoy my input.
    [DU: I always enjoy input from Mandy! XD and that other poster, brightstormyday.]

  3. Default User Says:

    One write in for Random Thoughts and one for “Cats.”

    I am not sure what “cats” means, perhaps it was my investigation into whether Social Security deprived seniors would find it cheaper to eat cat food (answer: yes).

  4. brightstormyday Says:

    oh I wrote that.
    [DU: So you added Cats? Did you also add the “Default <3" entry? Whoever added it, I do hope it is not a rating – I like to imagine myself at least a four.]

  5. brightstormyday Says:

    hahah No I just wrote cats.
    [DU: Any particular reason are do you just like cats (Cat lady? Shriek!)?]

  6. Mandy! XD Says:

    I’m a cat.

  7. Bhetti Says:

    I confess, it was me that voted you were the best feature of this blog.
    [DU: Why thank you. I agree]

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