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In the Style of: Dana

November 26, 2010
A series where I try to write a post in the style of other bloggers. Today is Dana
In the Style of Dana



Giving Thanks

November 24, 2010

Those of us who live in The United States will celebrate Thanksgiving Day tomorrow. So in these times that “try men’s souls” it is worth considering the things you can give thanks for.


Red Heads

November 23, 2010

Many features of humans are sexually dimorphic, that is very different between male and female (size, facial shape, hair growth, etc). We have the oft complained about double standard between expected and rewarded male and female behavior.

One of the less acknowledged differences is the relative attractiveness of male and female red hair.


Market Research

November 21, 2010

Question: What is your favorite feature (for want of a better word) on this blog?


Nature or Nurture

November 19, 2010

It is the old question: Nature or nurture? Fixed or fluid? Blank slate or paint by numbers? Yeah, I know I have written on this before. Following my when-metaphors-attack style post yesterday, I thought I would try another attempt at this vexing question.


Judging a Book. . .

November 18, 2010

When metaphors attack.


Random Thoughts: Capitalism and Communism

November 17, 2010

The current big fight is between what for simplicity we can call “capitalism” and “communism.” Popular opinion would claim that communism lost. I believe that what we call capitalism may also fail, and for many of the same reasons.


Nerds, Geeks, and Dorks

November 16, 2010

As a self-confessed nerd, I was somewhat dismayed to see Ferdinand’s attack on nerds. His Roissy like attack roused my defensive (a bad nerd trait apparently) spirits. On reading the piece I realized that we may not have been thinking of the same thing.


After the Revolution

November 12, 2010

I remember the excitement of Margaret Thatcher and the Conservative’s party election in 1979. Britain had just elected someone that talked about Friedrich von Hayek.

I remember excitedly following the election returns in 1980 as the Reagan landslide became clear. America too was going to dump the welfare state.


Power and Game

November 7, 2010

I was listening to a podcast from The Invisible Hand (mentioned in an earlier post). The podcast concerned the book “Power: Why Some People Have It and Others Don’t“.