This Means Truce


My previous somewhat silly attempt at a blog war was moderately successful; some people actually visited my blog. I am glad that posters and some bloggers got into the spirit of the thing (a joke).

Special thanks go out to Hawaiian Libertarian (did anyone notice that I referred to him as Hawaiian Librarian in the “war” post?) and Dalrock. Dave declared Fargin War, and Dalrock expressed dismay at his exclusion from hostilities.

Dalrock’s post brought me to the next evolution of blog war. If I was able to insult Dalrock by my non-declaration of war against him, would this work for other bloggers?

In another (even though I say it myself) brilliant maneuver, I have decided to insult every single blogger in the world, all the major media outlets (and that includes you Drudge), every single “tech” company (Google, Apple, Amazon I am [not] looking at you), by refusing to declare a blog war with them.

If the art of war involves inflicting damage to others with the least cost to oneself then this must represent the pinnacle of warmongering.

(Ab)normal service will resume shortly, as I hope to have a real post up later today.

6 Responses to “This Means Truce”

  1. An Unmarried Man Says:

    DU, I think you declared war on Dave and all libertarians in one fell swoop. Good work!!!

  2. Default User Says:

    @An Unmarried Man
    I forgot to mention a war on all INTJs. That could be even more powerful. If I could get them arguing amongst themselves, I would not have to expand any effort at all. I could just watch the comment count run up to a Roissyesque 1,800 as arguments raged ona an on.
    [I might need to salt the comments with occasional insults using a sock-puppet account to keep the ball rolling.]

  3. Zammo Says:

    Fargin icehole.

  4. Default User Says:

    Zammo called me an icehole. . .


  5. Dave from Hawaii Says:

    DU, I think you declared war on Dave and all libertarians in one fell swoop. Good work!!!

    No he didn’t…he declared war on myself and all librarians in one fell swoop!

  6. Default User Says:

    @Dave from Hawaii
    While it would never do to underestimate the wrath of a librarian, I figured the might make easier targets than the more combative libertarians.
    Of course, I am sure there are libertarian librarians.

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