This Means War


I have a plan. It is amazing the things that can start with those few words. Well, I do have a plan, it is the blogging equivalent of “Hold ma beer and watch this.”

The Lines are Drawn

It all began when Sibling of Daedalus mentioned that link on her site reffering to me had received 45 clicks. She exclaimed that I still have a following. Now, I am lucky to receive 45 visits in a day and have never received 45 clicks on any link on my blog.

It was then that the awful truth hit me: I do not have “a following.” I have five followers on Twitter. As I follow 28 that gives me a beta rating (following/followers) of 5.6. As a comparison, citizenrenegade has a beta rating of 0.04 and Fbardumu has a beta rating of .65. Even Sibby (a mere chick) has a beta rating of 1.27.

It was desperate times indeed. My pathetic attempt to surf the zeitgeist did achieve a modest increase in hits, but I realized that it was time to try something new. Desperate times need desperate measures.

Aha! The Plans are Formed

It was Ferdi himself that created my aha! moment. In a recent post he mentioned a lowly blogger that was making an ass of himself. Said lowly blogger insulted Ferdi, requiring a response. No doubt, the publicity drove up this lowly blogger’s hit count. It was then that it hit me. I needed hits, I needed a blog war.

In a real war, resources limit the number of fronts you can fight on. My (in my opinion, absolutely brilliant) realization is that in a cyber war you can fight on any number of fronts. Insults are pretty much unlimited. Even if you do run out, you can always use the same one on multiple fronts. Indeed, you do not even need to defend against their retaliation because their retaliation (blog hits) was exactly your goal.

The Opening Salvo

Ferdi, you are a homophobic faggot, a misogynist, misanthropic throwback. Roissy, you are a pasty faced, nerd-boy, douchebag, a player and a dweeb. Dave, the Hawaiian librarian, you are a conspiracy nut that should get out of your hypergamous wife’s basement (if she will allow you). Steve Sailer, the fact that you are “the only Republican that can use a spreadsheet” just proves what a crummy little nerd you are. Get away from the spreadsheet (likely created by Indian programmers) and learn some Spanish. Whiskey, perhaps if you imbibed less of your namesake drink you might make sense. For Christ sake, just buy that Harley, get the tats, and leave us in peace. One STDv, one good lay will probably put you right. Dana, you are female, Jewish, and INTJ, do I need to say any more? Chuck, stop your blogging nonsense and bring me my meal waiter boy. Φ, you say: “If what I write doesn’t describe you, then I’m not talking about you.” That’s OK because I doubt anybody cares. And, for God’s sake, get a proper name. I mean “Φ,” do you think you are Prince?

Sibling of Daedalus, BrightStormyDay, Bhetti, (the so modest) LovelySexyBeauty, and Hope, you are chicks, who cares what you think. What a waste of rack space. At least Aoefe and Anoukange sometimes display pictures of their actual rack. You should learn from them.

Chic Noir, you are sweet enough to be spared my wrath. Don’t let it go to your head. To anyone else that was not mentioned, don’t think it is because I consider you unworthy of contempt. It is just that I do not consider you at all. I may include you in future attacks when the blog hits from this one fall off.

Have a rotten weekend you miserable pack of losers.

In case you did not figure it out, this is just for fun. Blog hits are nice, but blog wars are a pain in the ass. I actually hope you all have a great weekend. If you were not mentioned it was only because I only had so much room, and so many “insults.”


32 Responses to “This Means War”

  1. sdaedalus Says:

    I realise you’ve probably never used one, but ‘douchbag’ is normally spelt with an ‘e’ in the middle.

  2. Default User Says:

    Thank you for the blog hit. I will make the correction.

  3. sdaedalus Says:

    Daithi O’Se has 690 twitter followers.

    I guess that makes him an alpha then so.
    [Ed: I guess so. As a fan, was there ever any doubt in your mind? His Beta rating is an impressive .003]

  4. sdaedalus Says:

    Well, the celebrity factor can’t be discounted.

    If he were still Daithi the Ferryman bringing tourists to the Blaskets, I doubt he would have quite as many followers.

  5. Ferdinand Bardamu Says:

    Ferdi, you are a homophobic faggot, a misogynist, misanthropic throwback.

    Yeah, well, you know, that’s just, like, your opinion, man.

  6. Dave from Hawaii Says:

    Watch your back this weekend…the black helicopters are coming! My wife actually let me deploy them this time.

    You cannot hide.

    I will desoul you with my fiat currency I used to buy the gear for secretly taping your butthex with Ferdi…

  7. Elliot Frost Says:

    Default User, I want to issue a sort of Public Service Announcement for the manosphere which concerns a vitally important piece of information that I’m attempting to spread as far and wide as I possibly can. Please heed my word, you won’t regret it.

    A while ago I watched a film that I feels truly deserves discussion and dissection by all the manosphere heavies. It is called A Complete History of My Sexual Failures.

    It is a documentary film about a man who is a complete sexual loser, tracking down all his various ex’s and interviewing them as to the reasons why they dumped him (and he was dumped by all of them). This may sound like the standard fair, boring, dull arse beta of the month type material but I assure you it is much more.

    This is the most intense, profound display of a man so in love with his own ineptitude, with an insatiable penchant for humiliation (especially in front of women). I’m quite sure it will amaze even you. I swear to you it has to be seen to be believed. The fact that this man is not known by all in the manosphere and utilized as a poster boy example of everything not to be is a crime. Please help me spread this message as far and wide as possible. I believe with all my heart and soul that the ultimate example of the modern castrated (and loving it) male. This shit needs to be made viral, big time!

    Here is a link to the full film:

  8. Default User Says:

    @Dave and Ferdinand
    I am glad to see you got the spirit of the thing. PS When linking your blog posts about this offending post, remember it is

    @Elliot Frost

    I’m quite sure it will amaze even you.

    LOL . . . Even me!

  9. maurice Says:

    Yeah, well, you know, that’s just, like, your opinion, man.

    eight-year-olds, Dude.

  10. maurice Says:

    @default- very funny, but blog-hits and followers need not be the most important thing to a blogger. What about quality over quantity? What about the small joys of sharing views with a well-known circle of interesting and like-minded people? Sounds like you’re mildly dissatisfied with your small group of regular readers and commeters. Hmm.

  11. sdaedalus Says:

    Hi Default

  12. Default User Says:

    The funny thing is I started writing this as a complete joke. In writing it, I did consider the quality over quantity. While a large number of readers would be in some way gratifying, I am very happy with my smaller but more friendly group of (somewhat) regulars. Perhaps it is an introvert/extrovert thing.

    Is there a message in that? Do you mean that with a good editor there would be hope for me? Joking aside, I do realize a good editor would help me.

    The little paperclip catches the most egregious of errors (I almost typed erros – apt if this were a PUA related post, perhaps), but often misses those correct-word-wrong-place type. It is embarrassing and frustrating to re-read a post (for making a reply or to reference it in a later post) and see all variations of spelling, grammar, and style errors.

    If the pieces on “paper” were as good as those in my head, I would be an profit center. …Well, maybe.

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  14. David Alexander Says:

    Wow, no David Alexander reference. Oh wait, my blog has no readership…

  15. This Means Truce « Default User Says:

    […] Default User declares that This Means Truce[…]

  16. Default User Says:

    @David Alexander

    A blog war between DA and DU would forever answer the question about what would happen if we declared war and nobody turned up. I have (not) included you in my latest (non) blog war.

    [In this case, I would insult you by excluding you from the non-war and actually declaring a blog war. If none of this makes sense, remember that confusion is one element of (non) war.]

  17. Linkage is Good for You: Free Sample Edition Says:

    […] Default User – “This Means War” […]

  18. chic noir Says:

    LOROF @ U default. I never knew you had in you hahaha. You laid them out going down the line.

    *chic noir sticks out chest and stands behind defualt*

    Yea, none of yall don’t want none of my man. First one say something is the first one I’m cutting.

    say something, do something.

    *stomps foot for added drama*

    don’t start none, won’t be none.

    *chic noir rolls eyes*

  19. chic noir Says:

    dave from hawaii Watch your back this weekend…the black helicopters are coming! My wife actually let me deploy them this time.

    You cannot hide.

    LOLROF 😆

  20. chic noir Says:

    default, I think you have something like 40 followers on google reader.

  21. Default User Says:


    I think you have something like 40 followers on google reader

    As long as I have you, I will be happy.

  22. sestamibi Says:

    What, you didn’t include Obsidian in your obloquy?

    What are you, some kind of racist?

  23. Default User Says:


    And “ob loquy,” I love it: a real world word, but it sounds apt.

    I have (not) included him in my latest (non) blog war.

  24. Lily Says:

    I do like the content of your blog, but I’m not so keen on the layout so don’t visit very often. Sorry, I will try and visit more often.

  25. Default User Says:

    The layout? What is wrong with it? Text too small? Ugly?

    While the basic theme was the default one for WordPress when I signed up (Default User, default theme, ha ha), I would have changed it had I considered it unreadable.

  26. Lily Says:

    LOL about the Default User thing. It just looks a bit geeky (and I love geeky things, especially geeky boys lol). Maybe it’s the narrow column. But I understand this is subjective. Others may feel differently. Very differently, perhaps.

    I’m not sure which one to choose for my blog, I like ashleekareen’s best I think but don’t know what it’s called.

  27. Default User Says:

    It may be the text justification. This blog (and Sibling of Daedalus) uses left and right justification, while yours and ashleekareen’s uses left only.

    Full justification creates two neat and straight sides to the text. Right only justification leaves one side ragged. Full justification is what you mostly see in newspapers and magazines.

    Full justification (both sides) can create uneven word spacing. This may make the text harder to read. Newspapers and magazines manually adjust the spacing and/or hyphenate words to make the fit better. Automatic justification cannot do that and thus creates uneven word spacing.

    Text that is too wide can be difficult to read as well. There are publishing/printing standards that suggest maximum text width (in words or characters).

  28. Lily Says:

    I know what justification means, Mr.

    You have narrow columns.

  29. chic noir Says:

    default As long as I have you, I will be happy.

    *chic noir blushes while feeling a wave of gina tingles*
    oh default oh boy.

  30. chic noir Says:

    sestambia What, you didn’t include Obsidian in your obloquy?

    What are you, some kind of racist?

    he included me, that meets the quota 🙂

  31. brightstormyday Says:

    You’re a pain in the ass.
    [Ed. If complaining on your blog about me remember it is: Thank you.]

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