Myers Musings: The Most Useless Type


As I briefly touched upon in my This I believe post, while we like to say it takes all types, we actually prefer some over others. Outside of the awesomely nice or the fearfully PC we know that some types are better than others. This may not be true in some cosmic, spiritual, “all men are created equal” way, but it assuredly is in a Darwinian way. That is to say: some types are better adapted, some types are more useful. While the basic premise of needing all types may be true, the fact is we do not need equal numbers of all types.

How cool is that . . .not?

I previously surmised about the most alpha type. It is time to head to the opposite end of the Myersian spectrum. So, what is this mythical most useless type? Before opening the sealed envelope, let’s read some descriptions (from various sources):

pensive, analytical folks. . .
oblivious to the world around them. . .
values abstract thinking above all else. . .
sometimes reclusive. . .
etc., etc., etc.

Reading that description, don’t you really want to invite them to the party or have them manage important things? Aside from making an excellent target for ESTP style practical jokes what use would they be? They most useless type (for you list making SJs) is . . .cue unrhythmic drum roll. . . I N T P.

Hey, it’s just a theory.

One of the few advantages to being part of this useless tribe is that you can announce the above and feel no great hurt. After all it is just a fact, a theoretical categorization. Valuing abstract thought over other things means the fact that we (did I mention I am an INTP?) are useless is just one of those things.

Some of you (hello INTJs) will want to see some proof, or at least an explanation of such theory. Just to annoy you, I will backtrack a bit. INTPs may not be the most useless type but instead be the most bifurcated (what a very NT word). Put to good use their abstract theoretical minds can bring us amazing insights and discoveries. Some of the greatest names in science (e.g., Newton, Darwin, Einstein) may well have been of this type.

There are some problems with this though. The first is that it is often some other person or an element of luck that brings forth their insights. It may have been Newton (I cannot find the reference), who left an important paper unpublished for twenty years until someone asked a question related to it. That is their real problem; their pensive and self-doubting nature means their insights may never reach the outer world. Even when issued, their insights may be blown over by more forceful personalities. The World has unearthed and acknowledged some great breakthroughs long after their proponent died. I suspect that many of those posthumous geniuses were INTP, their insights ignored until a chance finding by later investigation uncovers scribbled notes.

A second problem, of which I am painfully aware, is that such analytical thinking best matches with a high IQ. Complex theoretical forms need a certain level of intelligence to make them useful. It may be okay to be an absent-minded professor, if you are actually a professor. It is usually not okay to be an absent-minded professor if you are an average Joe.

I have no reason to believe that personality type and intelligence correlate. We associate high intelligence with highly abstract constructs but that is only because the two go well together. We tend not to notice when average intelligence and abstract constructs mix because we dismiss those as eccentric nerds.

Therefore, for the person with average intellect, talent, and luck, INTP may be the most useless type. However, with some luck, a lot of intelligence, and some talent they may be the most useful. Of course, on average, we are all average. Indeed, half of us are below average. For those average and below, INTP probably counts as useless.

Of Suitemates, and Cellmates.

[Or what about close-by types?]

ISTPs share many traits with the INTP, but their sensing preference means they can manage practical and physical things better. INTP scientists may well give us the EMP bomb, but after the electricity goes out it is the ISTPs who will survive. The post apocalyptic survival over/under for INTPs is about two days.

INTJs also share some traits with the INTP. Both are theoretical and big picture oriented. The Thinking/Judging preference of the INTJ means that they might actually get something done. Indeed the insights of an INTJ may lack the expansive imaginative leaps of the INTP but they succeed in one regard: they are more likely to leap out of the imagination and, you know, actually happen.

To Newton, Darwin, Einstein. . . and the rest

So to all you high IQ Einsteinian INTPs I apologize for calling you useless. For the other 99.999 percent, live with it. It is just a theory after all. It is not like it will ever affect public policy, or indeed anything.


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  1. David Collard Says:

    I used to be an INTP but I became an INTJ when I got a more responsible job.

  2. Mahoney (the key board warrior) Says:

    I am an ugly, small penised (which also doesn’t work), extremely low T, overweight, low IQ INTP. If I’m not useless I don’t know who the fuck is.

  3. David Collard Says:

    I am a high T, high IQ INTP/INTJ with a Ph.D. I am 55, but I still fuck my wife hard. I have a high autism quotient, a low empathy quotient, and I am very right wing on social issues.

    It takes all kinds.

  4. Default User Says:

    David Alexander, is that you?

    You could suffer all of those things and be INTJ. That would make you, not just useless, but useless and annoying. You would be both suffering and insufferable. :/

  5. Default User Says:

    @David Collard
    Even within types, it takes all types. Having a high IQ is very helpful for INT types. I would but completely unsurprised to find that INT types are grossly over-represented amongst those who have earned a Ph.D.

    Interesting thing is I lack (or at least, like to think that I lack) some of the worst aspyness associated with type. I think all INT types tend towards independence of thought, so your conservatism (where moderation is revered) does not surprise me.

    Despite all my writing and whining, I am not completely unhappy with me. My curious and introspective nature drives me to consider these how-I-got-here and who-am-I questions.

    Do you know (or feel able to make a guess at) your wife’s type? I suspect that IxTP and xxFJ might work.
    [I understand that you may not wish to discuss a third party here]

  6. Mahoney (the key board warrior) Says:

    I think its like this, at the very end of the day there’s winners and there’s losers, its great to be a winner, it sucks to be a loser. Period. I’m not sure if the majority of INTP are losers, but its probably the case that most socially retarded losers are INTP. INTP losers will seek to compensate for their shitty lot in life by constructing some kind of grand overarching philosophy that helps put their suffering into perspective. I have done this all my life. If you have a high IQ it may amount to something, if not it won’t amount to shit.

    Man you have the check out this video. I don’t think this guy is a loser, but his mentality is so fucking hilariously tragic. But it raises an important question, at what point is it expectable to throw in the towel, to call it quits? I mean as far women are concerned or other achievements in life.

    And no I am not DA, that man is far superior to me.

  7. Mahoney (the key board warrior) Says:

    What I’d love to know about is how an INTP loser can stop himself from being filled to the brim with self pity/self loathing and resentment, envy and hatred for those above him. I mean as I read David Collards comments I can’t hate the shit out of him. Now on a logical, rational level I know that I only feel that way because I am insanely jealous and wish I had what he had and that hating him is not only uncalled for but a waste of my energy to. Despite this realization I still hate him.

    How the fuck does a loser who was dealt a truly shitty hand in life learn to rise about envy and bitterness? No offence to you though David, I really want to get a handle of this. When one can only evaluate people solely on the basis of superiors and inferiors it becomes almost possible to see others as human beings.

  8. Mahoney (the key board warrior) Says:

    I meant to say that I can’t help but hate the shit out of him.

  9. Default User Says:

    Part of the reason an INTP may feel at odds with the world is that what he loves doing most (building abstract theoretical systems) is not what he will be usually called upon to do. Requirements will often force him into his weaker areas (e.g., selling those theories to others, creating plans for executing those theories, etc.).

    Even NTP callings such as computer programmer and economic analyst may involve plenty of project planning, negotiation, and executing.

    The world needs plenty of planners (SxJ) and expediters (SxP) but relatively few theorists (NTP). An SJ manager may spend a lot of his day using his favored role (planning and ordering, measuring and checking). A blue collar SJ may find much of his day checking quality and measuring against an approved standard.

    An SP manager may have plenty of opportunity to react in the moment to events. He may find plenty of opportunity to troubleshoot immediate problems. A blue collar SP may spend much of his day operating and maintaining machinery or working with tools. He too, may find plenty of opportunity to troubleshoot and react to immediate changes in his environment.

    In other words, NTPs (especially (INTPs) may spend more time out of their zone of competence (their heroic and parental roles) and in their zone of discomfort compared to other groups.

    At all levels of intelligence and education, an INTP can make worthwhile contributions. They can cut to the core of a problem and bring insights that surprise and delight others. Their introverted manner and abstract style can make it hard to express and bring ti fruition those insights. That is why I referred to bifurcation: In an environment that can access and use those traits, the INTP will flourish and the organization will benefit; in many places though the INTP’s full strengths will never be realized but he will likely muddle on with passing-grade competence.

    But the real reason I suspect that INTPs may be unhappy (restless and unsatisfied might be better descriptions) is that their great strength (envisioning possibilities) is always at work. Whatever their situation they always see it can be improved. Caught in their heads (Ne/Ti loops) they find it harder to just enjoy the moment. Make an INTP king of the world, give him a harem of beauties, provide an unlimited bank account, and he would still have the haunting sense that something was not quite right.

    INTP plan (yuck) of action (double yuck):
    Create to-do lists and a plan. Make the list as small or easy that you can achieve the targets.

    Make decisions. If you find yourself pondering over apple versus orange or chocolate over vanilla, just stop and pick one. Reach for one or call your order with no further thought.

    Walk around and notice things. Do not attempt to categorize or understand, just enjoy. Notice the breeze on your face, the warmth (or not) of the sun, and the weight of your body on your feet. Look at the other people. Are they happy or sad, busy or loafing? As soon as you find yourself pondering one perception too much, drop it and move on. Use your peripheral vision and “sixth sense.” Make guesses: is there someone behind me? how far away? Without actively checking, assess if it would it be safe to cross the street? How many workers on that building site? What color was the door on the house I just passed?

    Meditation. Spend a few minutes where you try to think of nothing but instead notice physical perceptions. When your brain starts to generate ideas, hush it and refocus on the simple sensations of your body.

    Talk to people. Greet neighbors with a smile and a “hi” (you do not have to enter long conversations), chat with store employees beyond the usual transaction details (“busy today?”), use the phone instead of email for a quick inquiry.

    Come up with your own plans. Consider that the unease you feel considering certain actions most likely points to the area you should take action. Forget being good and competent but take joy in doing something new and frightening or discomforting (to you). Measure your competence not just in outcomes, but in attempts. Make your goal to become a competent incompetent, someone that regularly tries something new.

    I should point out, that in true-to-type style I do not necessarily do all of these myself (and certainly not all the time). I am however, readily available to discuss them. :/

  10. David Collard Says:

    I was not boasting. I was saying it as it is. You get a hand dealt to you in life, a set of largely inborn traits and you work with them. I only realised in what areas I was a bit unusual in recent times, and largely through discussions on the Internet. I just put my views and people said things, and it dawned on me that I must appear a bit different to others than I thought.

    I have also come to accept myself, and see that things I thought were “bugs” in my personality are really features. And I am able to look back on my life, and examine my current situation, and understand how I got to be here.

    I suppose it is a somewhat unusual set of traits: high T, high autism, low empathy, INTJ. But it explains a lot. As for my wife, I don’t know. I think she would score high on autism for a woman. Some of her behaviour seems a bit high T to me. On the other hand, she has a feminine mind and tends to be instinctively submissive, even a touch masochistic.

    I can see more clearly these days why we got together. And why our marriage has survived.

    It is very easy to get false ideas about oneself. We don’t always see ourselves at all clearly, and people tend to see your personality only by reference to their own.

    Also, you can get nasty labels. Or self-labels. It used to bother me a bit that I seem to be very much a natural “male chauvinist”. I still catch myself evaluating women as “leggy brunettes” and “dinky little blondes”, like some character in a Fifties hard-boiled novel. But this just seems to be the way I am. I don’t fight it any more. I simply say to myself: I am more than a bit autistic, I can lack empathy, and I apparently have high testosterone levels. What can one expect? As I said, it takes all kinds.

    People underestimate introverts. I get told all the time how introverted I am. I only realised how tough I really am, and how successful in dominating my wife, when I started getting feedback on my remarks on the Internet. For example, I told one Internet group that I require my wife not to wear pants, only skirts and dresses. I got some really bad reactions over that. But it just seems natural to me. What is the big deal? Don’t all husbands make such rules for their wives?

    Apparently not.

  11. Default User Says:

    It is very easy to get false ideas about oneself. We don’t always see ourselves at all clearly, and people tend to see your personality only by reference to their own.

    That is a very good point.

    The INTJ type personality unfairly gets a bad reputation from others. This is because the world sees your decisive, objective decisions making side (Te). However, where STJ types will point to rules, regulations, standards, and past experience (Si) an NTJ has an inner vision that is just as clear but harder to articulate.

    While the STJ may annoy others by appearing bossy (E) or fussy (I), it is clear what he is making his decisions on (some external measure). The guiding vision of the NTJ is harder for others to see, thus the NTJ may look willful (or assholish).

    An INTP may create the opposite impression, that of a woolly headed academic. The world sees their flexible information gathering (Ne). What they do not see is his organized internal world (Ti). The NTJ clearly demarks his boundaries for the world to see, the NTP hides his boundaries until you push against them. Extraverted thinking (Te) is about organizing the world, and that means organizing (intruding on their “space”, getting “in their face”). Introverted thinking is about understanding, and as such tends to leaves others alone (it is the inner world not the real one that is being organized). It is easy to see how TJ can seem abrupt, rude, or bullying to others.

    I would describe the difference between Te and Ti as like the difference between a chess grand master and Big Blue. Extraverted thinking (Te) is like the chess master, it scans the board and uses his years of experience to narrow his possible moves, he quickly decides from those few options. Introverted thinking is more like Big Blue, it scans all possible moves checking for their correctness. It needs to understand the totality of the game more than the next move. Especially tied with Ne, each move generates its own possibilities that need examination, those moves generate more moves and possibilities, and so on.

    I still catch myself evaluating women as “leggy brunettes” and “dinky little blondes”, like some character in a Fifties hard-boiled novel.

    And why not.
    [I believe that such characters retain a certain appeal for both men and women. It is hard not to like Bogart as Sam Spade or Rick Blaine]

  12. Anonymous Says:

    I’m an invader from the F side of the NP field and I must say that I find difficult to believe that the INTP are more useless than the INFPs (but maybe this is all a big ball game of perspectives and actually every type is completely useless.) The Ti is after all a thinking function, its problem lies in its right brained domain which in itself is at odds with the left-brained majority. However the T champions logic, objectivity and rationalism which if I recall are left brained function. Sure, you may not be able to apply an abstract theoretical model in its completion to every day contingencies, but what about parts? Could you not use calculus for many applications, could you not use your logic to write useful computer programmes? Ti has a narrower field of use compared to the Te but narrower doesn’t suggest zero, merely a smaller value.

    Compare that to the INFP, who aren’t naturally strong in logic and their associated fields. Abstract ideas about love, personal identity and feelings will neither put food on the table nor earn respect from society. I’m also willing to bet that the INFP have a cap on IQ and must struggle with both mediocre IQ and poor EQ. At least for the INTP (who got one letter right) have limitless potential in obtaining a high IQ. The world doesn’t care about the mediocre and mediocre intelligence and sloppy thinking is all we can provide. You guys just need to apply yourselves, you have the tools you need.
    [DU: An important thing to consider is that T versus F is a preference; it does not reflect abilities. A person with a feeling preference may be less comfortable making decisions purely on logical objective grounds but they are fully capable of using logic. A person with a feeling preference may well have great facility in things such as programming but they may have difficulty in making decisions that affect others (e.g., a manager firing an employee). A thinking type may be more comfortable making such a decision (“it is a pity having to fire someone, but it’s for the good of the project”). Most decisions need both empathy (how it will it affect others) and objectivity (it may be painful, but it is for the best), we will all tend to be more comfortable with one type over the other but we all need to be able to use both.

    PS: I am not sure why any personality type would have a cap on IQ, even if they may use smarts in a different manner.
    PPS: The post was mostly tongue-in-cheek. We can all succeed or fail in our own unique manner.]

  13. [INTP] The Useless Type Says:

    […] […]

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Lol, this is fucking relative, lol. You really dont understand nothing, develop your secondary function better, maybe you´ll start to “stop stereotyping people”.

  15. Jason William Says:

    INTP Here…… The law of atraction is real.. what you think about yourself becomes a reality. Change your thoughts,and you will change your life…. I know this board has stopped in september.LOL.

  16. Jason William Says:

    “develop your secondary function better, maybe you´ll start to “stop stereotyping people”.

    I completely agree with this statement. INTP’s just need to apply themselves and get out our “comfort zones”. The results are shocking.

  17. Default User Says:

    @Jason William
    I tend to agree with both your replies. I intended my post to contain a healthy dollop of humor. However, I also believe that stereotypes can be useful, even if they are not 100 percent accurate. In summary, while INTPs may tend towards certain characteristics, they can (as you mentioned) surprise themselves: type is not destiny.

  18. Sarah Says:

    Interesting theory to read, you should call it ‘the vision of a well below average intp and his obviously pathetic/unsuccesful life’ , eventhough im pretty sure you’ve been wrongly classifief. If you really were intp you would realize that a brillant theory that is not shared, is just as brilliant, the application of theory is but an empty shell, taken and used by people who lack imagination. Your are succesful if you think you have done something of worth, and nobody can tell you otherwise. In my opinion that is the biggest difference to intpj: their materialistic/capitalistic motivation for succes. (my father is one ;p) I guess our semantics of ‘useless’ differs as well, as in my opinion the last five minutes in my life, reading your statement have been so.
    ps: 99.999% of mankind will probably go down in history as forgotten and thereby worthless, guess who remains?
    [DU: It looks like I really missed the mark on this post. I intended the “loser” and “useless” descriptions to be humorous. While I was attempting to show the potential downfalls to the INTP personality type, I was not really saying they are inherently useless or worthless. ]

  19. commodity44 Says:

    INTX here. Way too self-deprecating. The other types, particularly esxj types, will down you often enough in life while bolstering themselves. It is because you are so useful. It is their fear. No need to add to the imbalance by helping them out, downing yourself. The intp/j appears useless for 2 reasons. He/she does not seek power or control. Power and control are usually pursued and captured by those who want it the most and therefore are LEAST apt to apply it with objectivity and fairness. That is one of the biggest problems with government and society at large. The second is, intp/j usually leads a transparent life due to his/her nature of shedding LIGHT on a subject. He is therefore playing poker with his cards up and everyone else’s are hidden, leaving him/her with a major handicap. In effect, intp/x is being robbed and cheated continuously while not taking back. It is the dramatic success of the intp/j mind that has led to stunning catastrophes in the world, particularly with inventions that have directly or indirectly pumped up the leveraging of force by other personalities in society. Best bet is NOT to shed light on a subject, as 99.99% of society will use your breakthroughs, to club others. Also, to some extent, implying intp is the most useless would also point in the direction of esfj being the most useful. REALLY? Most forceful perhaps. But is that useful. To take society in a negative direction is worse than doing nothing.
    [DU: You were as harsh on ESxJ as I was on INTP, restoring balance to the world… Well this post anyway.]

  20. sarah Says:

    “I have no reason to believe that personality type and intelligence correlate.”

    A: How can PT and IQ not be related??? Your brain defines your way of thinking in EVERY aspect: the way you aknowlege the word, search for answers and portray yourself.. its so illogical to say those two things are anything but compleletly intertwined.
    [DU: It is true that both may be hereditary to some degree and both involve brain structures to some degree. That does not necessarily imply that the same genes or brain structures cause them. Many individuals may love and appreciate music (personality) but not everyone is great, or even good (IQ) at it.]

    “Therefore, for the person with average intellect, talent, and luck, INTP may be the most useless type. However, with some luck, a lot of intelligence, and some talent they may be the most useful.”

    A: This is what a reader would say was a short synopsis of your article. There’s no point in denying it, I might even say that you dont fully understand what you posted. So if this was just a joke, this article has absolutely no substance at all as nobody seems to get the punch line. Hope your next post is not as shallow as this one
    [DU: Actually, your summary is good. The joke was with the designation “useless.” Many commenters appear to take offence at my dismissal (some at least) INTPs as “useless.” Leaving out that particular designation and merely focusing on the possible drawbacks to such an abstract analytical mind might have been better.

    PS: All my posts are this shallow, so you will be disappointed.]

  21. Newton was an intj Says:

    Sorry but Newton was an INTJ and so many scientists tend to me that type too even geniuses (Ti superiority fallacy there). For heaven’s sake even Steven Hawkins is an INTJ and he’s all theory and no practice.

    Do you guys understand how Ni Te works at all? That Big blue vs Grand Master analogy is flawed since you guys don’t really understand how Ti works at all (read Carl Jung’s descriptions if you want to find out exactly how flawed it is, and in general what extroverted and introverted functions really mean). Most INTPs seem to be under the misled assumption that introverted thinking means that somebody is simply capable of thinking foremost and everything else second (for F’s sake understand what it means). If you were to read Carl Jung’s work you’d understand that MBTI type and intelligence are independent factors (Isabel Myers Briggs was an INFP). Everybody can develop all their four functions (which leads to many people being mistyped) plus the whole INTJ/P superiority complex we generally need to get over.


    The difference between introverted and extroverted functions (feeling, thinking, intuition or sensing) is that introverted functions personalise the data that’s fed to them which allows them to be long and coherent. Whereas extroverted functions like to deal with the what is exactly in the the outer world, they are less personalised and direct, whilst on the downside they lack coherency since the outer world is disorganised (introverted and extroverted functions work together). Read the link below to understand what the hell they all mean. Plus the only difference between extroverted and introverted people is that extroverts have a bias for their extroverted functions whilst introverts their respectively.

    Carl Jung’s work: (its a bit hard to understand but that tends to be true for most translated work in general)

  22. Brandon Says:

    I stared smiling before Default User even mentioned that he was an INTP. This is hilarious, I am an INTP, I like the vague notes of sarcasm and truth. I don’t have anything else to say about this. I lost my virginity when I was 13, had a hot GF all through HS, have an extremely high IQ, clinical diagnosis of aspergers, run circles around most (hell, all) people, including the mythical INTJs which usually break down and start crying when I am through with them. But all in all I’ve had a pretty shitty life. Fuck!

  23. Brandon Says:

    Oh and while I am probably a retard this is how is really works; my own theory, but it is right. INTP: Ti (Right temporal lobe), Ne (Right Prefrontal Cortex), Si (Left temporal Lobe), Fe (Left Prefrontal Cortex)………..INTJ: Ni (Left temporal lobe), Te (Left Prefrontal Cortex), Fi (Right Temporal Lobe), Se (Right Prefrontal Cortex) and so on. And it is not a preferance, I know the Meyers Briggs has you do the whole “it’s a preferance you can change thing, now write you signature with your left hand” blah blah blah) But remember Meyers-Briggs (whatever one was the mother daughter, don’t feel like using Wikipedia right now, because it’s late and I’m being lazy) was most likely an INFP and as stated above INFPs (while not stupid) don’t always have the strongest sense of logic and reason. Anyway, the point I am getting at is Personality is biological, you are either born an INTP or an INTJ or any of the other remaining 14 types. But the preferance lies in your choice to refine or ignore your biologicaly assigned type. And yes, INTPs still have their shadow funcitons of Fi, Se, Ni, Te (they just take a backseat to their primary INTP funcitons).

    Your Master
    -Rodney King is Dead

  24. Brandon Says:

    …but in all seriousness development of Ni for an INTP is paramount. As much as I loath them, my parents pushed me into sports at an early age (soccer at 4); it required me to develop my extroverted perceptions, so while developing Se (required for sports) I also simutaniously developed Ne even further. I also spent 10 years in the military and quickly rose through the ranks, and was therefore required to lead, I became pretty damn good at leading and motivating people. And because I had to lead and motivate I developed my Fe (because no one will/wants to listen to a close minded asshole). If you are an INTP and feel like a loser, stop being so self centered, expose yourself to new concepts and ideas, dont be afraid to try something new, and try not to worry about what people are thinking about you. Yeah they will probably think you are weird and incompetent, but give it time and you will come out on top. Also, try not to drink yourself to death in the process (it is only a short term fix to handle the stress). I would say for INTPs that it is ok for us to ingnore many outside influences (from other people that is), concentrate on your environment as a whole, watch scary movies, get into shape (you dont have to be a muscle bound freak, but you will feel better about yourself). All in all, the best advice is to deveop your intutitions, compare things in the environment with objective reasoning, and don’t be afriad to accept the hard truth. Listen to lot’s of music, learn to play an instrument (I find that piano comes naturally to me), but if you learn to play an instrument, just feel it, don’t overthink it.

    TiNe Brandon
    -Rodney King is Dead
    -bringing back dead threads from the 80s.

  25. The Mad Man Says:

    F!@# who ever made this bullsht… INTP is just a physcological analysis of how a brain functions not who you are… I am a INTP and I will become great beyond measure. To all the other INTP’s reading this… Forget whatever Idiotic Simple brained Peasant created this. Take charge of your life, for you are the one who controls it, not internet posts or whatever functions you may relate to.


  26. Hunny Says:

    HI I am an INTP. While, yes we tend to be lazy, I wouldn’t say we’re useless. We are the ones that come up with the idea. Example: INTP comes up with a new invention and the INTJ puts the invention into action. INTPs also don’t just sit around staring at the ceiling all day. We do work and get respectable jobs because we value education and knowledge over most things. I admit we are absent minded though. I’m not a genius or anything, but I have a nice IQ of 130…

  27. Hunny Says:

    Also I don’t believe an personality type is ‘useless’.

  28. Anonymous Says:

    Mbti is an explanation, not a cult. Mbti often seems to be religious in language.

    Screw these nerds, be what you want to be.

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  32. mr entp weirdo Says:

    It is quite clear that Te coupled with Ni or other way around leads to stragedic thinking. Chess mastery of somekind. They like to measure therefore it is likely to find them in quantitative end of sciences like not in theoretical physics but in economics, psychology (too much Te emphasis these days).
    I find chess irritating as ENTp. It is so fixed system with external rules.

    But anyways ENTP and ENTJ puts outwardly Ne and Te combo (socionics model A base and demonstrative function) so there is propably lot of them testing (ENTJ) and generating derivative theories (ENTP).
    According socionics Newton wasn’t propably an INTJ more like INTP (socionics notation LII, INTj) and Einstein derived theory of relativity = ENTP.

    Besides Hawking s is propably an ENTP (ENTp).
    It truly sucks to see how scientist has to be an I and misfit has to be also an I.

  33. rongsee Says:

    David Collard: Makes me think of the quote “It’s not a bug, it’s a feature!” Now I have the perfect excuse for all my “weaknesses” and “flaws”! Mua ha ha!

  34. Shelby Says:

    Nobody is truly useless unless. They must have done something that helped someone at some point, or will. Your logic behind this is thought out improperly. We are all people and we all have different ways of being ‘useful’ as you’ve put it. Maybe I’m bias in this, because I am an INTP but as far as I’ve seen throughout my entire life, nobody is useless, the man who just smiled at someone who you may have called useless, may have just helped that person with that simple gesture. All in all, unless someone is a rude, obnoxious prick, they are NOT useless.

  35. Jasmine Says:

    I kind of hate how everyone is labeled as some sort of type and then everybody immediately expects you to act like the stereotype of your type. We are all humans and we are all different. Just like a fingerprint, we’re all the same but individual. Just because we may think alike or feel alike and act alike with others of our type doesn’t mean that we’re all the same. The fact that you’re judging people based on what’s expected from them and not necessarily who they are is annoying and stupid. I’m an INFP so I’m going to use some INFP examples. We have core values which we will defend harshly if threatened. That doesn’t mean we all have the same core values and we won’t all attack/defend at the same extent. We are introverted. We need our time out every now and then but that doesn’t mean all of us are quiet and hermits. I go to parties and get drunk and shout around a hell of a lot, I just need to be alone every now and then to recharge. We are apparently good at languages. Okay, I’ll admit that I can speak 3 languages and am learning my fourth one and I usually get one of the highest grades in literature class but a fellow INFP of mine has dyslexia and is horrible with sounding poetic. She can still speak two languages, learning her third which again shows that we are somewhat similar but not necessarily the same. I shouldn’t be invested in this as much as I am but it feels wrong to read how easily a person is being dubbed as “most worthless”.

  36. The useless INTP Says:

    To the author : go fuck yourself. Or I should say go buy a big box full of condoms and get yourself fucked hard by your SJ boss.
    The most useless type.

  37. RL Says:

    You’re obviously a complete idiot. This INTP would pick you apart, chew you up and spit you out while running circles around where your still freshly imprinted footprints lay while conjuring up a detailed plan to solve world peace, homelessness, and social decay in modern society. To say an INTP is useless is complete belligerence. INTPs created the concepts and structure upon which our entire society operates. Just because you don’t understand what it’s like to think like an INTP, doesn’t mean they are useless. In fact, it mostly says more about you and your limited cognitive capacity than of your intended target.

  38. Eastern European INTP MGTOW Says:

    Well, even though INTP personality type in itself might not be useless (for from it), but, if we talk about average intelligence and capabilities person who is also known to have the typical limitations (whether they are emotional, organizational, you name it) of the INTP, then, yes, it can be said that his person is less capable (and, hence, more useless as in “capability” and “usefulness” have negative correlation? Meh..).

    Ohh, well. It is what it is, I guess.

  39. thiagomdo Says:

    I believe your theory is invalid. Einstein, Newton and Darwin are just “little conclusions” for massive stories told by all other people, especially INTPs, contributing behind the curtains, through history. Read this:

  40. Asff Says:

    The greatest problem of intps is the inability to feel empathy and give any importance to emotions

  41. Space Puppet Says:

    I’m an INTP and I couldn’t agree more with this. I have been a failure my whole life. I suffer from a lot of weird health conditions that have not been treated well, and I get stuck on things– like I cant seem to get over the hump when it comes to many different things in life. I don’t think I’m stupid. I just think I have a crappy personality but hopefully I’ll be like one of those INTPs that constructs a philosophy out of his misery that makes everything cool, hopefully I’m smart enough to do that. Another thing I suffer from is being a diletente and I don’t focus my energy on one subject to become an expert where I could earn a lot of money or prestige. I have ADD and I struggle focusing on stuff. Because of my career ineptitude I end up having to be around a lot of stupid people in low-paying jobs. Naturally I’m upset about this situation. Because I don’t walk around with a big wide alpha male grin on my face, I give off an air of beta male angst which causes women to hate my guts and treat me like crap which makes me even more upset. Fuck my life. In high school I actually got a fair amount of attention from girls but the girls in my high school were very high testosterone and ugly. By the time I got to college and could find some pretty ones I was very sick and not feeling up to the task. By the way I couldn’t go to the college I wanted to because of health issues and I had to live it at home and the college I went to had like i had like an SAT score average that was 200 points below mine and the kids were a bunch of f****** idiots. Anyway I don’t know if I was an early Bloomer or what but now that I’m in my late twenties I can’t get any women that are even average looking. it’s really bad. so every aspect of my life is f*****. I can’t f****** get any sleep at night. my body literally won’t let me sleep till 7 a.m. so the entire White Collar world is like cordoned off. I’ve tried all kinds of sleep aids and they don’t work. I have other crazy f****** health issues I won’t even talk about. But if I had a different personality type and I was an extroverted smiley boy and a judger rather than a perceiver prospector or whatever then life wouldn’t be so bad. The brains of extroverts are energized when they engage in social interaction so I guess they get the same effect as an introverted person gets when he looks at porn. it all makes sense now because of course you know there’s really no point to looking at porn because you’re not actually getting real women and there’s no point to 99% of Normie conversations because you’re not actually discussing anything important or meaningful, but it’s all about the brain chemicals tricking you into thinking it’s a good thing. Extroverts have a lower level of baseline brain stimulation when they are by themselves than introverts and introverts’ brains are actually tired out by social interaction whereas extroverts brains are energized so if you are an introvert the key is to lower your brain activity to succeed in life which actually makes sense given the way people guzzle alcohol to be able to withstand social interaction. I don’t like alchohol because it aggravates my health. The thing is, I don’t need any palliative to enjoy being around other NTs, but we live in a world full of SF retards and that’s all there is to it. Because I’m not disciplined, hard-working, healthy, and perhaps smart enough to be in environments with other NTs I suffer living in a wilderness of others’ stupidity and hatred. All hail the INTP, champion of misery.

  42. ESFJguy Says:

    Hello space puppet. I hope you read this 🙂 I am an ESFJ.
    I know how you feel. It must be difficult.
    My father is INTJ and sister INTP. And I tried working witht them like LOL omg wtf jesus shit omFGGGGGGGG. They are tremendously difficult people to be around.

    I give you your philosophy, and take it seriously:
    -Let work and action tell other people who you are. Noone or just a very few percentage of your species, are clever enough to let your high brain activity work for you.
    -You blame your career ineptitude on you being around dumber people. I do believe they can be seen as “dumb” or atleast not with the same deep thinking brain activity as you. Doesnt make em dumb. Many are smart enough to know that they should deal with easier job´s to get a good life, or learn and sudy to get better and where are you? Blaming the ADD—LOL.
    -The INTP ABSOLUTELY BIGGEST PROBLEM. Is the inactivity physically. It is like a robot that can “learn by doing”, that got it´s arm´s and leg´s cut off. As older you get and as you still dont get an education or learn by action´s, you will fall behind other people that are much more experienced in life.
    -All your empowered brain activity which makes you think that words out your mouth is fact´s. Please use this when you are home alone, and shut it when you are among other people. Listen and argue is OK. But stop believing that your words are send from god, let the actions speak.

    You know what.. I could also go around all day thinking about stuff. But this wont get the job done, and it wouldnt better myself.

    Why ppl get tired of you over time: You talk and talk like you are so cooool, and can do so much. But people can easily see, that you havnt accomplished anything, and we dont care about your awesome brain activity, that would make you die first in the end of the world, because you couldnt lift a rock, cause you never done it. You would imagine though, that you know the best technique or rock lifting.

    Go accomplish something, just anything.

  43. 129 iq intp (kill me) Says:

    As an intp, you are exactly what I avoid. Great job figuring out this truthful anomaly. The greatest thinkers are useless without putting things into deliverables used by our peers. I am trying to escape the wrath of the intp uselessness but the realms of ideas and contemplating actions are too strongly developed while other important life skills remain drastically unpolished and childlike.

  44. 129 iq intp (kill me) Says:

    If you ever need useless information about video games, theories about government black projects, enjoy narcissistic attitudes that won’t wake up until 4pm hire intps. We’re great at thinking about how to do things.

  45. 129 iq intp (kill me) Says:

    How to manipulate intps into murdering your adversaries.
    1) create online accounts with targeted victims credentials.
    2) make errors in grammar and provide bias information with account mentioned in step 1 on
    Use step 1 as model/reference.
    Use step 2 as a reference/model.

  46. 129 iq intp (kill me) Says:

    Intps would kill neo in the matrix. Email me for insight. I have plans on onenote.

  47. Jodye Says:

    Lol I like it. Nice metaphor.
    It’s true to an extent. But not. But just one fucked up conundrum.
    Lol enjoyed the read

  48. Intpfu Says:

    What an uplifting blog. Thanks.

  49. INTPaf Says:

    I was only here to read the butthurt comments. Your theory is only true to an extent for it describes only unhealthy INTPs. And being an INTP doesn’t mean that one is incapable of administrative work. It’s just a bit taxing. (I am speaking for myself. I guess this is the perk of being raised by an ENTJ mom. We value productivity a lot.)

  50. Ray Says:

    INTPs are the contributors to knowledge and the INTJs are the distributors of knowledge!
    Let me make it easier to understand, while INTJs are memorizing the textbooks the INTPs are visualizing and validating the contents of the books.
    So the INTJs are best described as parrots who speak a foreign language, and as exotic as it sounds; neither the parrots know what they are talking about, nor the INTJs. Therefore, INTJs are only good to distribute the knowledge and pass it down to next generations till some INTP comes out of his cave and revolutionize many previously accepted theories. Subsequently, while most INTPs are staying in their caves and thinking deeply to find the flaws; I would kindly suggest that all the INTJs go back to their materialistic world and continue their -40 hours weekly- distribution of knowledge.

    Thank you kindly,
    An Exceptionally-Profoundly Gifted INTP-T.

    Excuse my poor command of English as it is my fourth language.

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