You Might not Have Seen: Free to Choose

A series (perhaps) where I point out sites that you may not have already seen. Today is Free to Choose by Milton Friedman [hat tip to Dana]

Free to Choose was a ten-part program aired by PBS in the early 1980s. In it, Friedman advocates for the free-market and illustrates with examples from around the world. Each program starts with a documentary style piece by Friedman, followed by a studio discussion. The programs are about one hour long, divided evenly between documentary and discussion.

You can watch both the original (1980) and the later 1990 re-make. I would suggest the original versions, if only for the chance to see younger versions of Thomas Sowell and Donald Rumsfeld.

I would suggest watching the 1980s version first to get a sense of the historical context. You can probably skip over the documentary portion (likely to repeat what you saw in the earlier version) of the 1990s version and only watch the discussion getting a sense of what (if anything) had changed in those ten years.


Wikipedia description of the show with links to transcripts.
The videos on


I use a Firefox add-on called Download Helper to save the videos for watching offline. I find it easier to watch on a separate player compared to on a web page.


3 Responses to “You Might not Have Seen: Free to Choose”

  1. The Best Laid Plans « Default User Says:

    […] was watching the videos of Milton Friedman’s Free to Choose that I mentioned in an earlier post. One of the videos featured Lance Von Allmen, an inventor. Allmen had created a kind of magic fluff […]

  2. thegriff Says:

    how much time ot required for you to write this good article ?

  3. Default User Says:

    Not long. A fraction of the time it took Milt to make the series.

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