You Might not have Seen: The Lolzzzilizer

A series (perhaps) where I point out sites that you may not have already seen. Today is the lozlzlzlizer (misspellizer).

Frequent readers of Roissy’s will no doubt know of a poster called Great Books for Men. His posts were long and full of text-speak like misspellings. While some may have questioned how you could read such prose, I wondered how you could write it.

If you too wondered, then wonder no more. The great secret is busted wider (as compared to hotter and tighter) open.

Lots o’ lozlzozlzozlzozlzozlozlzlozoz
  1. Go to:
  2. Paste in your normal text.
  3. Select your Lollz level (Litetl, Arevage or Reunadable)
  4. Click Process Text (should that be Porcess Txte?)

Strictly speaking it is not a Lolzzlizer, as you have to add your own lozlzlzls). However, it offers a good start on your way towards lozzl literacy. Ben Bernanke and the neo-con soul suckers will quiver in their fiat money financed boots.

8 Responses to “You Might not have Seen: The Lolzzzilizer”

  1. An Unmarried Man Says:

    I tried intentionally typing in misspellings to see if perhaps the misspellizer might actually spit out a correctly spelled word.

    For instance, I typed in “consipucous” and “halluliah” and it merely repeated the words in the same incorrect manner I entered them. That was a little disappointing. Wasn’t it The Fly where they attempted to right a wrong by processing the disassembled product through the machine again? Only to discover two rights only make a left?

  2. Default User Says:

    @An Unmarried Man
    I tried it with some of GBFM’s own text. It did not correct any spelling but did alter some already mispelled words (e.g., “anuth” became
    “aunth”). It even altered some of the lzzozl words.

  3. Dorset Naga Says:

    GBFM was peeharps awar of sutdises showing atht peoples tned to be albe to read out of rder speling amlost as well as wosds pselled in corrtc ordre.

  4. Default User Says:

    @Dorset Naga
    I bilevee taht the frist and lsat ltetres msut be in thier crorerct psioitons for taht to wrok rleailby.

  5. greatbooksformen GBFM Says:

    lzoolzozozlzlzozlozlzozolzlzlzoozl softwarez is for amatures zlozlzlzlzozozlzlzzlozzolzllz

    lotsa cocka for da ladies lzozlzozozllzolzolzozlz ! lzozlozozozllzlz

    i know many of us needd to use hardware and software to please da ladies lzozlzozolzlzozozozl but like i don’t i jets type this way and they cum my way zlozllzozoozlzozozoz all 100% natural lzozlzllzlzlzzlzozo like my longy

  6. Default User Says:

    @greatbooksformen GBFM
    I see that your blog is not private any more (it shoewd up taht way wehn I was wrting this post). I am quite capbable of typos but lack your consistency.

  7. chicnoir Says:

    hey default I think i’m the inspiration for great books for men. when are you going to dedicate a post to me???

    am I not your number 1?

  8. Default User Says:

    Lozzozzl. Of cuorse yuo ara my nmubre onee. Lozzzzll. So longg as yuo are nto a soul sucking neoconner buth sexer.

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