You Might Not Have Seen: Immigration

A series (perhaps) where I point out sites that you may not have already seen. Today’s listing gives you 11 videos to watch or share.

Ron Maxwell, the director of “Gods and Generals” and “Gettysburg”, made a series of videos on the problems of illegal immigration. Each video looks at a different aspect of the immigration question.

By design each video is meant to be standalone, you do not need to watch them in sequence, or even watch them all. There is some repetition between the various videos but the do cover the ground well. Open border skeptics will probably not find much new here, but they do make a good introduction to the subject as you can watch the video that relates to only a particular area of interest (e.g., education, environment).

I have not watched the last (and very long) video. I do not know if it merely sums up the preceding ones.

  1. Immigration 101: The Greener Grass (22:32)
  2. Immigration 102: The Wounded Land (13:45)
  3. Immigration 103: American Trauma, Jobs and the Economy (34:40)
  4. Immigration 104: The Tower of Babel (24:45)
  5. Immigration 105: Re-educating America (14:21)
  6. Immigration 106: The Emergency Room (12:11)
  7. Immigration 107: Crime Wave at the Shore (20:36)
  8. Immigration 108: The Broken Door (32:20)
  9. Immigration 109: The Enablers and the Profiteers (30:39)
  10. Immigration 110: By the People and For the People (14:22)
  11. Immigration 111: Racists, Xenophobes, and Bigots (1:37:00)

The videos are not high excitement but make a good counter balance to the usual happy talk about unrestrained immigration.

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