In the Style of: Sibling of Daedalus

A series (perhaps) where I try to write a post in the style of other bloggers. Today is Sibling of Daedalus.

In the Style of Sibling of Daedalus

I was five years old when I discovered the power of fire. Sadly the incident resulted in the loss of my favorite teddy bear, Daithi O’ Bear.

It was a damp and dreary Irish day, and I thought Daithi looked cold. I decided that I would warm him up by placing him on top of the electric toaster. Unfortunately, electric toasters and stuffed bears do not mix. My beloved Daithi began to smoke in an alarming fashion. It was when I saw the flames, that I decided I needed to dump a jug of water on the now very warm bear

It only took a week to get rid of the smell of singed fur, and the electrician that came to fix the house was most understanding (“happens all the time” he said). My parents eventually forgave me, although until I was 14 years old I still had to ask my mother to make me toast. My younger sibling was less forgiving: because the electricity was out, he missed the final episode of Doctor Who. I see the missed Doctor Who as perfect revenge for the incident of the broken dollhouse (and the less said about that the better).

The Dublin Public Records Office was not so lucky. In 1922, a massive explosion and fire destroyed the building and one thousand years of irreplaceable documents. The explosion was caused not by a flaming teddy bear, but munitions stored by rebels who had captured the building.

Fire Destroys Public Records Office

Public Records Office, not destroyed by a burning teddy bear.

Sdaedalus has discovered the correct way to burn a teddy bear. She will follow that advice next time.


20 Responses to “In the Style of: Sibling of Daedalus”

  1. Bhetti Says:

    This is so adorable SD, though the photo could’ve done with a photoshop rendering into a classical portrait.

    (Not to say that she photoshops anything.)

  2. Default User Says:

    I was lazy with the photograph. Actually, I was probably lazy with the entire post. SD would generally provide more detail (and nicer photographs) of the subject.

  3. PA Says:

    You know what’s fun? in moments of boredom surfing through Roissy archives from 1-2 + years back and finding your own comments that you totally forgot about. The reactions range from “wow, I really was showing great flights of lucidity” to “geez, what a dumb comment!”

    If you ever do my parody here, remember to include tons of typos and awkward sentences from overediting.

  4. Default User Says:

    I have done the same thing and had the exact same reaction. A few, what-a-great-comment, and many did-I-really-write-that?.

    There were some good conversations (not all involving myself) and threads though.

    I should easily be able to manage a parody of “tons of typos and awkward sentences from overediting” as it is my own style as well. Not quite every post and comment ends up with some of the above. Even after running spell and grammar check, I still manage to mess something up. It is frustrating, as I usually know better (e.g., I understand the correct use of you’re/your there/their but still manage to type – and post – the wrong one).
    [I did, at least, manage to avoid typing “won” for the last “one” above – this time]

  5. vasafaxa Says:


  6. Dream Puppy Says:

    This is a wonderful piece!! You really did capture some of her style. You must be very observant.

  7. sdaedalus Says:

    Thanks Default.

    This is a beautiful post.

    By coincidence my teddy bear did indeed die tragically, but he was drownded in a hurricane, not burnt due to my carelessness.

    The idea that a teddy bear called Daithi O’Bear would not be hott enough in his natural state is a little shocking though.

    The loss of the Public Records Office was indeed a disaster for anyone wanting to trace their Irish ancestors – because of the Penal Laws, Catholic Church records do not go back before the 1800s or so.

    I have only been able to trace mine back to the 18th century, which is a shame.

    Thanks again – it was a really lovely post and I am most flattered you chose to feature me.


  8. Default User Says:

    @vasafaxa, Dream Puppy
    Wonderful and adorable only because the subject is. I am glad you enjoyed it.

    I am sorry to hear about the drownded (deliberate kid speak, or a typo?) bear. I am sure the story of the wind swept bear would make an interesting post, and even more interesting insurance claim.

    I am glad you enjoyed the post. The loss of those records is a shame.

    I am sure Daithi O’ Bear’s lack of hotness only related to actual temperature. I am sure that even with some thinning or graying of his fur he still looked good (and probably young for his age).

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  11. maurice Says:

    Very nice, Default.

  12. Default User Says:

    Thanks maurice.

    I am not sure why WordPress held your original comment for moderation (it actually was marked as “spam”). We could not save the bear, but I was able to save your comment.

  13. maurice Says:

    I’ve been getting marked as spam on a lot of blogs lately. Must mean nobody loves me. Either that or the IP address of my ISP changed- but that kind of thing happens all the time and I never had this problem before. Hmm.

    What other bloggers will eventually be featured in your “in the style of” series? Enquiring minds want to know.

  14. Default User Says:

    I don’t understand the spam designation for your comments. It is frustrating when ordinary comments are held for moderation, or sent to the spam bin.

    I am not sure who will feature in future In the Style of posts. There are many bloggers/commenters who I read and like, but I do not have a strong idea for the style hook. Just as a cartoonist does not create a perfect (or even good) likeness but instead creates a recognizable caricature, I want to create a caricature not a perfect likeness. I may be running out of easy targets.

    I do not want any of the posts to be mere copies, a perfect likeness, of the original. I want the posts to be a good-natured caricature of the subject.

    In short, I am not sure who will feature. To any blogger not featured, please do not assume I don’t care; realize that I just have not found the hook (much like the way editorial cartoonists may take time to decide on the look for a new political figure – e.g., Obama, when he first became prominent).

  15. Bricona Says:

    I’m no expert on daedalus, but doesn’t she talk about relationships?

  16. sdaedalus Says:

    A girl’s relationship with her teddy bear is practice for her future relationships with men. In this respect, Default’s (fictional) teddy bear story is a pretty good summary. In trying to make them hotter (for me) I usually only succeed in pouring cold water on the relationship.

    It would be interesting to know what some of the male Roissyspherian’s relationships were with their childhood toys.

  17. sdaedalus Says:

    misplaced apostrophe there, sorry.

  18. Default User Says:

    I was trying to capture the style more than the content, although earlier SDaedalus work did include posts on buildings that had interesting histories.

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  20. Yvette Byrne Fashion style Says:

    Also note that I will only accept private blogs.

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