Random Thoughts: USA Beta Provider


The USA is the Rodney Dangerfield of transnational set: it gets no respect. It gets no respect because it acts like the oft-maligned beta provider chump.

The Unites States provides the major funding for various international bodies (UN etc.). It is always willing to offer a plaintive “how can I make it better?” to the slightest complaint of the slightest country. It responds to each world crisis with a “how can I help?” To be the “nice guy” is all it really wants. It certainly does not want appear the alpha it should be.

What benefit does it receive for all of this generosity, white-knighting, supplicating, and all around niceness? Nothing!

The rest of the world treats the United States as the beta chump it is. It will take its money, call it when some bad boy country is causing trouble, and look to it to solve every little emotional crisis. However, it will never earn respect while it remains a beta provider. There is nothing the transnational types would love more than a divorce with heavy alimony: the US provides the funds but otherwise has little say in family affairs.

The US needs to become Country Renegade. It needs to play like Skittles man (fund your own damn United Nations), it needs to play aloof (return crisis calls with a bring the movies text), and it needs to be friends only with those that are nice to it (alliances with sweet submissive countries).

The US is the biggest alpha of them all; it just needs to get some game.

This is another Random Thought in the Random Thoughts series of quickfire posts (more like comments than articles).


24 Responses to “Random Thoughts: USA Beta Provider”

  1. Bhetti Says:


    Actually, on a slightly serious-er note, I’ve had similar thoughts. My explanation is that the US is a superpower, and an important part of maintaining that power is giving others no motivation for threatening it or overturning the status quo. Creating financial dependence means creating allies, or at least those who find it in their interest to look after US interests.

    That’s one reason why terrorism is so shocking to the US. It does not jive with the self-image. The average American cannot conceptualise the US seriously as a villain. And neither is that very popular internationally.

    Whilst the US can always be criticised and encourages it via the way it conducts its surface public relations, noone can honestly say the US does nothing.

  2. Xamuel Says:

    I’m a bit frustrated with the main leadership in the U.S. (i.e., the Democratic Party) right now. They seriously need to assert themselves, but time and time again, they roll right over for the Republicans. It’s not even so much that the Republicans are alpha– they’re not– it’s more that the Dems are acting like omegas right now, with their “59 seat minority” and everything. All talking about compromise and comity while the Republicans are stealing their girlfriends right in front of them.

  3. Default User Says:

    I actually started out with a more serious piece in mind but ended up with this lighter post. I am glad because the more serious would not have been very good.

    I think you are correct in your assessment. I think the USA, at both a governmental and societal level, would really wants to be seen as the nice guy. It really wants to be the good neighbor that is always there when someone needs help. Of course, some of the neighbors see that as meddling and been a busybody.

    Like the kindly neighbor, they can be surprised when not everyone appreciates their help (or interference, as some see it).

  4. gunslingergregi Says:

    Well yea the us is the nice guy to all the other countries.

    Within its own borders though it is also the meaning of the nice guy and treats its own people like shit.

  5. Default User Says:

    Funny, I have often thought the same about Republicans.

    I agree that the Republicans are not “alpha” by any measure. However, I do not see the Democrats as rolling over. They have passed massive legislation (bailouts, healthcare) over Republican objections.

    What more could the Democrats do? Does the public even want a more vigorous government?

    Remember that although the Democrats gained seats, some of those seats were won by more moderate types. Some of those Democrats ran, and were elected, on the basis they were not liberal stereotypes (e.g., many were pro gun compared to the more restrictionist Democratic mainstream, some were opposed to immigration amnesty).

    I cannot see that the Democrats are doing any worse than Republicans did when they controlled (had majorities) congress.

  6. Default User Says:

    Well it does do its best to be nice to all those Mexicans (and other – ahem – visitors). . .

  7. dream puppy Says:

    HAHA! Great observation. The world better not push us too much lest we go all Ge*rge S*dini on them.

  8. chic noir Says:

    Creating financial dependence means creating allies, or at least those who find it in their interest to look after US interests.


    dream puppy- no one likes a bully. we must be careful how we asert out power around the world.

  9. Keoni Galt Says:

    I used to think like this too. Than I discovered precisely what “foreign aid” really means: transfers of wealth from the US taxpayer to most favored corporations to provide some kind of service, infrastructure or products to the country being “helped.” This help is just strings-attached obligations, and often the means for in-debting another nation to the US for such products and services that they could never pay back.

    Than the elite rich of those countries receive all the benefits of the “aid,” while the debt obligation is foisted on the citizens.

    We are hardly being a “provider” here. More like we are the abusive thug insisting that these other countries HAVE to need our “aid” …It’s for their own good.

    It’s simply a function of SWPL PR in the press that we assume the facade of “beta provider” for the world.

  10. Default User Says:

    @dream puppy
    Or Travis Bickle. . .

  11. Default User Says:

    @Keoni Galt
    I share your view. My post was more for humor than political analysis.

  12. Bhetti Says:

    That’s an important distinction. The average American sees US as the selfless, flawless white knight.

    The reality is closer to the dude who’s only being nice ’cause he wants something you don’t necessarily wanna give, with niceness you don’t necessarily want.

  13. Bhetti Says:

    Alpha US of A would have Steven Seagal for President.

  14. Default User Says:

    Or Chuck Norris

  15. Default User Says:


    The reality is closer to the dude who’s only being nice ’cause he wants something you don’t necessarily wanna give, with niceness you don’t necessarily want.

    Sounds beta for sure. I bet (president) Chuck Norris would not do such a thing.

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  18. maurice Says:

    Hahahahahahaaaahhahah! Hee hee hee !!! HAA-haha.

    Very interesting and funny.

    Ask Saddam Hussein’s ghost what happens if you assume the beta chumpery is always the Default Policy, though.

  19. Default User Says:

    There is no doubt, when the US does get its swagger on, it is the baddest bad-boy of them all. Have no doubt; it can back those occasional demonstrations of Brando/Stanley Kowalski swagger when needed.

  20. gunslingergregi Says:

    Yea and ok I got to give credit when I thought I was gonna die and called my dad the us did have police at my house in the sticks in the morning the next day we do kind of own the world he he he

  21. gunslingergregi Says:

    And that was without an adress to reach me at and without a number lol
    So yea kind of impressive.

  22. gunslingergregi Says:

    And people think I am paranoid when I say someone is watching over me he he he

  23. The Pentagon Says:

    And people think I am paranoid when I say someone is watching over me he he he

    Your response has been noted and logged. No action is deemed necessary at this time.

  24. gunslingergregi Says:

    Yea I know I have said it before but still yea you can be reached anywhere by the usa. he he he

    Nowhere to run nowhere to hide.

    Must be intentionally letting bin ladden live.

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