Random Thoughts on: Labor


When it comes to offshoring, immigration, and inshoring (using H-1b visas to bring in cheaper replacements) a lot of upper middle class people disassociate themselves from the fears of the rest. They do not associate themselves with “labor.” They dismiss those anxieties in the name of “free trade.”

The bad news is, just because you have “Vice-President” on your business card, just because you sit in a Herman Miller Aeron chair does not mean you are not “labor.”

You may see your brainwork as above the brawnwork of “labor” but if you trade your effort for a wage then you are labor. Despite your apparent status, the corporation that employs you will see you as labor. You, like the assembly worker, are an expendable, replaceable resource.

One day the corporation that employs you as labor, may realize that they can find a “willing worker”[1] that can perform “Vice President” cheaper than you can. As you become another labor statistic you realize, too late, that you too were “labor.”

That is my rather dreary thought for this Labor Day.


[1] George Bush proposed an immigration plan that would match “any willing worker with any willing employer.”[back]

Lawyers Cohen & Grigsby explain how to avoid hiring American workers.

I guess that government types are immune to job replacement: U.S. To Train 3,000 Offshore IT Workers

This is another Random Thought in the Random Thoughts series of quickfire posts (more like comments than articles).


11 Responses to “Random Thoughts on: Labor”

  1. Bhetti Says:

    Fun graphs on employment trends:

  2. Default User Says:

    Interesting. Thanks

  3. Gorbachev Says:

    Yeah. Sad. Makes me a nationalist.

  4. chic noir Says:

    Wow, spot on post default.

    *chic noir hugs default and sticks out tongue at SD*

  5. Default User Says:

    Thanks chic.

  6. sdaedalus Says:

    *chic noir hugs default and sticks out tongue at SD*

    Chic the lick.

  7. chic noir Says:

    Chic the lick.


  8. Default User Says:

    @chic (the lick)
    When I saw SD’s comment, I knew you would like it.

  9. chic noir Says:


    When I saw SD’s comment, I knew you would like it.

    You know me too well default 🙂

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