You Might Not Have Seen: Sunshine Exposure and Vitamin D

A series (perhaps) where I point out sites that you may not have already seen. Today’s site shows you how much sunshine you need to ensure adequate vitamin D levels.

This Might Not Have Seen is just the thing for the coming long weekend of barbecues and (I hope) sunshine.

Conventional wisdom tells us that next to meat, the most evil thing is sunshine. Slap on the high factor sun cream before you even look at pictures of the beach they exclaim. Sun will give you cancer and make you old they tell you.

Now some of that is true, but sunshine on unprotected skin allows us create our own vitamin D. Indeed most people probably end up with too little sunshine, not too much.

The question of, of course, is how much. The answer is, of course, it depends.

Today’s site offers to tell you the Calculated Ultraviolet Exposure Levels for a Healthy Vitamin D Status (their title). It will tell you how long you need of unprotected sun exposure to create a healthy level of vitamin D.
[alternate site in case of problems]

You will need the latitude and longitude of your location. A few cities are preset but most are not. You can probably find the coordinates with most mapping sites and or software. I explain how to do that using Mapquest and Google maps below.

Find your latitude and longitude


  • Bring up your location.
  • Right click on the map near your location (but not on the marker itself).
  • The coordinates appear in the popup box.


  • Bring up your location.
  • Right click on the marker itself
  • Select “What’s here”
  • The coordinates should be now in the search box
    [Left click on the green arrow will show them in a popup box.]

3 Responses to “You Might Not Have Seen: Sunshine Exposure and Vitamin D”

  1. Bhetti Says:

    Ohmygosh, it even controls for skin type and ozone layer thickness and conditions and surface type!

    What a find. I swear I’m deficient in the winter months here. I think an endocronologist quoted a figure of 95% Asian women (and we mean S. Asian here when we say that) are deficient in winter.

  2. Default User Says:

    It is useful and interesting. I suspect that most people can probably take more sun than they expect. Although it looks as if the very fair skinned might be able to get enough through their daily activities (five minute exposure) even in London.
    [Update: I just realized that I ran the London check assuming midday for August. I imagine it increases fast as you enter winter or take your sun early morning or late afternoon.]
    [New Update: The needed exposure times do increase very fast for winter. A quick try of a few Winter dates showed that even pale Caucasians could need a lot of sun exposure. Deep in Winter they may not receive enough from even all day exposure (overcast, only hands and face exposed).]

  3. Bhetti Says:

    There is no sun in an English winter!!!

    Only grey grey clouds, for all 5 hours its daylight or whatever it is.

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