Well you learn something new every day. Today it is the word “vajazzled”. A hat tip goes to the dazled but not vajazzled Ferdinand Bardamu of In Male Fide.

I am not sure if there is an exact male equivalent but can assure you that my majestic member will never have jewelry other than the two high caret stones it came with. That and my regal scepter is all a woman should need.

Update March 6, 2010:
SDaedalus provides me with another term that I did not know. That phrase, “a Prince Albert,” describes a type of penile decoration that is something like a nose ring. She must not have read the last paragraph. Again, for the record, no jewels near my jewels, no rod through my rod. My endowment needs no adornment!

3 Responses to “Vajazzled”

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    […] that the equivalent of vajazzling may in fact have been practised by Victorian men.  Ever heard of the Prince Albert?  Now that’s an example of Victorian peacocking. Possibly related posts: (automatically […]

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    […] User: Vajazzled and Why Alpha […]

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    […] Default User […]

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