The Three Pillars of Alpha


Yet another attempt to describe the alpha male.


Hey, if you are not interested you can always practice aloof and amused mastery and read something else. . .

There is a lot of argument over what defines the alpha male. I propose that alphaness consists of three parts. Different men may score higher on these different measures (or on all or none). The combination defines his total alphaness. It does not limit a man to merely success with women. A lot of talk in the PUAsphere focuses on dominance and this is an important aspect of alphaness. Dominance is mostly about the ability to control: control people or resources. The three pillars of alpha are:

1) Dominance over other men: The ability to bend other men to his will. The ability to inspire (or intimidate) other men into submission. He can achieve this with charisma or fear (implied or actual violence).

2) Dominance over the environment: He can achieve this by prowess in sport or other physical activity. He can achieve this through acquiring wealth or status. He can achieve this by acquiring influence through politics or the generation of popular ideas (e.g., popular bloggers or writers).

3) Dominance over woman: Listed last because it is the most obvious and discussed. This describes his ability to attract and keep the kind of woman he desires. It describes his ability to control his romantic and sexual relations with women to best suit his needs.

Just like nature/nurture these three pillars are all connected. Success in one can lead to success in the others. It is likely that more alpha men will have more of all three and beta men will have less of all three. However, every man will differ in the balance of these three.

Game is an attempt for men to improve their level in type 3 without regard to their level in type 1 or 2. Game can also help men that score higher in type 1 or 2 but for various reasons cannot translate that to success in type 3.

Type 1 alphas can fail because of chivalry. They refuse to take the lessons learned dominating other men to dominating women. Type 2 alphas can fail because the skills they used to create their wealth (e.g., nerdy IT guys) or generate their influential ideas (e.g., writer or researcher) do not necessarily involve the social dominance needed for type 3 success.

On a personal note: I think every man should aim for balanced alphaness. I think many men would be happier focusing on type 1 and type 2. Women come and go, but (well tended) wealth lasts a long time and great ideas could live forever. For younger men focusing on type 3 success is useful in that can build the confidence for type 1 or 2 success (as well as, of course, sating distracting sexual desire) but it should not become his sole (or even main) goal.

Added 12/06/09
Jack Donovan at The Spearhead has a different (perhaps more complete) take on the subject.

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