The Soundtrack in Your Head


In my previous post I discussed the fact that introverts have more “noise” going on in their brain, that they have more internal dialog. While this is true, I also believe we all have an inner soundtrack. The thing is that soundtrack may not always be useful or encouraging.

So if you do not like the soundtrack in your head, why not replace it with something better.

For exciting soundtracks Hans Zimmer is a good place to start. He has provided the music for many popular movies. His themes (because of the movies they support) are often rousing, energetic, and “heroic.” So below is a list of potential soundtrack replacements by Zimmer and others.

All videos are hosted by YouTube and are work safe.
Backdraft Main Theme (by Hans Zimmer)
Backdraft: Show me Your Fire Truck (by Hans Zimmer)

Robocop (by Basil Poledouris). But remember to stay out of trouble[work safe audio]. You might also find a use for RoboCop game. It based around careful targeting and a very direct approach.

Gladiator: Main Theme (by Hans Zimmer and Lisa Gerrard)
The Gladiator although heroic is quieter than the others. So if you are going clubbing you might want the Techno Remix (uncredited). This one does contain good advice: “At my signal unleash hell.” Of course, you need to ask yourself if you like movies about gladiators?

Mystery Method the Musical

Reading is hard. So I present to you Sing-Along-A-PUA: The Musical Guide to Pickup. The featured music is The Rock: Main Theme (by Nick Glennie-Smith and Hans Zimmer)

All times are approximate. And no, this is not entirely serious.
0:00 Ominous and serious. But it is ominous and serious in an alpha way. This is representative of strong resolve, courage, focus, determination and preparation.

1:29 Heroic. Purposeful. Get your swagger on.

2:48 Relaxed, poised, and in control.

3:40 It is time for action. 1. . . 2. . . 3. . . GO.

4:28 Running your “A” game at full intensity.

5:00 OK bud, your are looking good. You can slow down a bit. It is time to build some comfort.

5:30 . . .but not too much.

5:50 I think you work here is done. She has that look.

6:00 Time to head home. Your place or hers?

So much easier than reading a book.

Have a great weekend all and don’t forget the Robocop’s warning to stay out of trouble.


8 Responses to “The Soundtrack in Your Head”

  1. Hope Says:

    In love with this song (again):

    DJ Shah – Who Will Find Me

    I first heard this a short time before I met C. Just heard it again recently.

    He found me. Woot! πŸ˜€

  2. Default DJ Says:

    @Hope (the found)

    Is this (DJ Shah – Who Will Find Me) the song?

    I am glad he found you, or did you find him?

  3. Hope Says:

    Yep. That’s the one. I love the melody. πŸ™‚

    Maybe it’s a mutual kind of finding.

    “Oh who will find me?
    In your midnight eyes, I see a summer sunrise.
    Fly far beyond these silver winter skies.
    I see a beautiful life. Oh, come and get away.

    Leave your cares, leave your fears, leave them all behind you…”

    When I first heard the song it was dreary Chicago winter. When I moved, it was nearing summer. ;P

  4. Default DJ Says:

    I cannot (don’t even want to) imagine dreary Chicago winters. I am glad you found summer (metaphorically speaking).

    I only had a quick listen to that song. I will listen fully later.

  5. Bhetti Says:

    I’ve been looking for that gladiator theme song for wow, I guess, years now. was featured in an exercise class. glad to know where it’s from.

  6. Default User Says:


    I’ve been looking for that gladiator theme song for wow, I guess, years now. was featured in an exercise class. glad to know where it’s from.

    Was it the techno version you meant? I presume so, as the actual theme might be only useful for very low intensity exercise.

  7. Default User Says:

    If you like the techno version, there was a download link on the YouTube video.
    I copied the download link here for your convenience.

    It is Rapid Share link which means you will be forced to wait for up to one minute. The link did work when I tried it.

    Unleash hell!

  8. To Ponder « Default User Says:

    […] much as I enjoy writing, I enjoyed writing The Soundtrack in Your Head. Looking back at it, it is not half as clever as I thought but I still enjoyed writing […]

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