by has improved since posting this.

The e-mail address linked to this blog is at has to be the worst e-mail provider I have ever used.

It is always slow.
It frequently will not log me on because of a “connection error.”
It takes forever to bring up the inbox.
It is slow to open individual e-mails.
It frequently error screens when changing folders or moving to the next e-mail.
The area for entering text in the “compose” screen is tiny. The total height is les than 10 lines. Most of the area is given over to ads or the interface.
It will frequently time out when sending an e-mail with an “our servers are busy” message. Hitting the back button returns you to your e-mail, but without the text you just typed (copy ‘n’ paste is your friend).

In short, sucks.
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38 Responses to “ Sucks”

  1. chic noir Says:

    thanks for the info my love, I will stay far far away from

  2. Default User Says:

    A new blog (“For those who like to relax and giggle.”), I see. Well done.

  3. aoefe Says:

    I don’t like google mail so much either. Sigh…yahoo has been good to me though *grin

  4. John Says: really sucks. I used use them via my Pop Peeper, but they now don’t allow POP3 access… or want to sell it unlike GOOGLE., if you are reading this, a curse on your business. Go away!
    [DU: sucks shows up on search terms that bring people to this site]

  5. Jack Says:

    Totally agree. is a tragedy — a total waste of cyberspace. And they seem to be sucking at the teet of AOL – the longest perpetual train wreck on the internet.

  6. christine Says: is horrible.

    no customer service, unless you pay

    but how can you pay if they won’t even talk to you first

    no, you just have to pay first, then they talk to you


    and AOL is the same way

  7. PFM Says:

    I totally agree, I am currently trying to shut down my stupid account for all of the reasons you listed above and the fact that I get “unknown error” half the time I try to log in. The new beta sucks and is even slower than basic, the spam is worse than ever with pop up movie ads that take up over 3/4 of the screen when you trying to enter your address and password….that’s bullshit. sucks, AOl sucks. For some reason when I get unknown error it logs me into my email under AOL email banner after it redirects me….WTF. This is a crippled, poor excuse for an email service and to top it off you can’t close your account. The idiot tech support people just keep emailing you back garbage saying error was fixed etc when it wasn’t and will not acknowledge your request to cancel the account, to me that’s wrong and pathetic. should be hacked into oblivion.
    [DU: I just realized that perhaps my ad-blocker/popup blocker is keeping the worst elements at bay. I will have to try visiting, sans “protection”, as it were]

  8. John Louis Says: has not improved! And that being said, I wanted to shut down my account too but somehow since April 22 they again seem to be working on their software. If you try to log in you can’t and you..get the following, “Thank you for your patience We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause! Currently we are improving your service… but it’s worth the wait!” I think there is something wrong here and maybe thousands of users may have lost their accounts. I haven’t had any yahoo problems so I will stick with them.
    [DU: It improved, then disimproved, and is OK now.. I am a light user and recently it has worked well enough. They changed the interface again. While they have made it more application like (compared to web like), I cannot say it is an improvement. I had no problem with the previous interface (the one before that was awful), but did suffer slow/lost logins. Recent performance has been OK.]

  9. Lance Says:

    Boy do they ever. Besides getting 12 emails in my inbox & 65 emails in my spam folder eveyday I can’t even get the site to load properly on my iPhone. This started as soon as they did another upgrade, which I hate btw.

  10. Ralph Slatton Says:

    Gosh, this is so incredibly true. I am constantly having to re-login, because the site logs me out or fails to load properly. Don’t the owners of test out their own software?
    [DU: I have not had many problems recently. However, I do not use as my main e-mail. I just logon, check for messages (very few), and then logoff. I have not had the logon problems that I previously suffered, but I don’t know if I would stay logged in if I kept the window open.]

  11. Deathblow Says:

    I’m about ready to part ways with Should have known once AOL got involved, it was doomed to failure. Seems like every “upgrade” they’ve done has actually made it worse. Before the last “upgrade”, I could access them from all my mobile devices, now, it won’t work on ANY of them. The new search is horrible, and no longer searches in the folder you have active, such as spam, which, IMHO, was the most useful place to search, since about 20% of my legitimate emails would end up in there for some unknown reason.

  12. I'm pissed Says:

    Just had my account hacked, apparently. Can’t login with the username/password I used the day before and have used every single day, several times a day. Now I have to wait and see if I’m financially screwed because this email was used solely for finances, college information, and other secure information. BIG MISTAKE
    [DU: Several months ago, I suffered repeated login failures. After entering my ID and password, I would receive an error message (“cannot authenticate” or similar). Sometimes an immediate retry would work; sometimes I would have to wait a while. Recently I have not suffered such problems. I do not believe that my account was ever hacked though.

    I hope your problems turn out to be technical and not financial. Good luck!]

  13. Anonymous Says:

    I have had all the same problems as you guys. It is terrible. Now, I have an email address I can’t log into but the error is a new one, for me. It says: your account has been blocked. I have no idea why. I checked the mail one day and the next, it was blocked. This isn’t a main address or anything and there is very little, if any (besides the spam coming in) activity going on. It just pisses you off when you can’t log in for no apparent reason. Luckily gmail is stable and has been fine for me for years. Hell, even my 15 year old yahoo address has never given me any problems. In this day and age, and as long as has been around, why can’t they get it right?
    [DU: Ha! Another satisfied customer. This post has been surprisingly popular and surprisingly resilient (most older posts receive no comments). Perhaps I should praise them for sending me blog hits.]

  14. Keith Lampman Says: still sucks, I was hacked and have been locked out of my email for over two-weeks now, I even sent those basturds a photo ID and still no email !

  15. lacrisha phea Says:

    These people are idiots they blocked my account for an unknown reason and can’t tell me why nor can they fix the issue so I can continue recieving my emails as usual I have to now start all the way freaken over with everything I had my email 4,years and they ruined my life in an instant there’s no one to talk to or anything just a stupid leave a email and they will get back soon as possible with much to suprise they’re response was nothing nada are idiots my last use was 9/15/2012 and they suck

  16. stuffmonger Says:

    I used to have a free email address, August 2012. I have had the account for really long time, i.e. since 2002.

    I used this account as my personal email address.

    In 2009, I bought my own domain which I used, and still use for email purposes today. I hardly used my since then for sending emails, but have been regularly checking the account since then just to keep it active and to see if there were perhaps any personal emails still coming to the address. (And glad to say, there have been close to nothing coming there).

    I logged in to my quite regularly since then. In July, for example, I probably logged in 3 times, and in August about twice (both were successful).

    A few days later, I tried logging in, and I got a message saying that my account had been blocked and that I should contact I was shocked.
    So I did just that.

    This is what I wrote:

    “Why has my account been blocked?
    I have had my account since December 2002.
    I would appreciate feedback as to why my long standing account has been blocked.
    Thank you. ”

    This is what they sent me:

    “Dear Customer,
    We thank you for your inquiry. We have forwarded your request to our security department and it was determined that the account in question will remain blocked.
    With kind regards,
    Your Support Team”

    I responded asking why it has been blocked again. But never received any response.

    But from what I am reading in the posts from the two posters above me, and the timing of this “new blocking” going on… I am almost certain they did away with quite a few accounts. Mine included.

    I suspect that they using a new method to block:
    -Active Accounts who are not sending mail,
    -Not changing passwords regularly,
    -First Name or Last name contains words, e.g.Perhaps a Company: Bach Law Practice- which contains dictionary words = not a real account.
    -And the list goes on…

    Seriously? One can’t even recover your emails? Jesus Christ!

    Please refrain from using the services offered by these malicious cyber gangsters known as

    They will first give you an email address, and then have a look into your account every now and then-yes!! That’s right… their prying eyes. If they see your account is full of spam, unread emails piling up, not sending emails anymore…

    An excerpt from an article relating to (2012-11-26)

    “Bob, we have another loner account.”, said Harry. ” An interview with Harry indicated that they had to reduce the number of free users, as the servers were being overloaded.

    “Yes, there is ample space for users, but that doesn’t mean they should use all of it, especially since they are not premium members. ”

    “Why store old emails from 8 years ago? It’s the type of junk that is not standing for anymore”


    I guess that says it all 😥

  17. MaryBeth Says:

    I have been with them for over 10 years, but they have gotten worse and worse, and now my emails are blocked as spam by many fileters and my clients can’t get my emails. This is my OFFICE email! I pay for a premium account and there is NO customer service; No phone #; and the email “help” is useless. I’m so angry, I don’t know what to do!

  18. Anonymous Says:

    Somehow, is apparently rated as one of the top mail services on the web. Is it because of their massive choice of individual addresses? Because I see no other reason.

    Worst email service I have ever come accross. On top of everything this review says, it’s a chore simply to log in. You go to, a banner immediatly blocks your screen asking you, even if you have an account, to JOIN MAIL.COM. You have to wait for this banner to fully load to X out of it, then, when you get around that obsticle to click the Login address bar, it doesn’t register the first time. You must click it twice, and then ad pops up and removes your cursor. You close the ad, clickthe bar one more freaking time, and finally, it lets you type your name. This is with every loggin. Considering the front page is chock full of ads that use up a fuckload of CPU memory to begin with, is a pop up seriously necessary?

    Do they not bother to run checks on their own webpage? Do they not notice how utterly their own service is? A bunch of retards must run that website.

  19. arc Says:

    Stay away from at all costs!!

  20. It's worse fool! Says:

    MAIL.COM SUCKS!! You don’t know what you’re talking about: been trying to sign into my account, password saved, and all it does is loop. When it finally reaches my account, 3 hrs later and 19 tries after, it crashes! :-/ sucks so you need to delate your box: it not improved, it worse, fool!

  21. Russ Says:

    I agree with the above person “” does suck and so does the support too! Had the account since August of 2009 and had a few problems. Since 5/20/14 I haven’t been able to access webmail, still can’t now. Thought maybe it was because I was using an older version of Firefox even updated Java, Flashplayer and the Firefox browser nothing helped! When I installed the “mailcheck” extension in Firefox I was able to check my mail. It looks like they are forcing people to use the Firefox extension if they want to use MAIL.COM.

  22. Jim Says:

    Every time when I log in, will log me out by saying I did not log out last time.
    No customer services.

  23. Anonymous Says:

    No help, you guys, tell me how to leave them. It seems I cannot.

  24. Anonymous Says:

    i totally agree sucks big time….i now use much much better………..

  25. mbh Says:

    The big problem with gmail is that you can’t use it if you need confidentiality (e.g., lawyers can’t use it). They admit to opening and “reviewing” some percentage of traffic, and you have to waive your objection to that when you sign up. So, it’s a no-go for anyone whose profession requires confidentiality. : (

  26. zlloyd1 Says:

    I have used free email account now for about 2 years, but recently I have to agree they HAVE been trying to stuff far too many useless pop-up advertisements on this service now, and it IS ruining it.

  27. zlloyd1 Says:

    Continuing, let me explain my problems, which I should have done in my first post.
    *When I open the login page to my Email, there is now ALWAYS a pop-up window as king me to upgrade to premium before you can even try to log in….
    *After logging in I find that I am getting SLAMMED by SPAM emails relentlessly, and no matter how many times I click the unsubscribe links, they come back tomorrow with the exact same offers from a different sender….
    *So okay, that is having Email i guess, but then I try to log out of my Email when I am done, and it hangs there forever, never finishing the loading of the logged out page because it is SOOOO worried that it is not giving you all of the required spam adds to let you log out….
    This is just RETARDED, and although I know it IS a freemail account, I don’t feel that is an excuse for this kind of blatant ignorance.
    Also, there is NO SUPPORT for freemail accounts whatsoever, and the only help you can ever get is a suggestion to upgrade to a premium account. (usually along with a special offer)
    From what I have read here, and elsewhere about’s service, I do not think I will ever pay for this travesty!!

  28. mbh Says:

    Just FYI–I have the premium service and it’s only marginally better. SOME customer service, but there’s still tons of ads that slow down signing on.

  29. Frustration-Station Says:

    I just helped two friends open new email accounts with and both of them had their accounts blocked the day after they opened them. claimed suspicious activity, but I think they are full of sh*t. They are either up to something no good, or they are just completely incompetent. In summary, in the immortal words of Default User, “They suck.”

  30. MIKE Says:


  31. mike bromell Says:

    worst bullshit setup maybe ever …. send 10 emails per day and they will block your account

    hope you have nothing important in your folders … if so move ASAP as this operation is a fing joke !!

  32. Anonymous Says:

    Surely, is the worst email service I have ever come accross. They are really idiots!! They blocked my account for an unknown reason and did not even tell me why not can they fix the issue so I was not able obtain my inbox messages and documents!! The badly affected my life in an instant and seems no one to talk to or nothing to do!!All they did was just sending me the below stupid reply email!! THey said that was made by thier abuse department! What abuses I committed? they will never tell you no matter you try!!! The question is (How is abusing the basic rights of others???!!!!). Anyway, I would sincerely advice all of you not to use this very bad horrible services! If you are already thier client and use an email account at, stop using this account at your earliest convenience.

    Dear Member,
    We have forwarded your request to unblock your account to our security department and it was determined that the account in question will remain blocked.

    Please note that this is a decision made by our abuse department and we do not have further information we can provide to you.

    With kind regards,
    Your Support Team

  33. Chiperino Says:

    I’m leaving them because I got tired of seeing the most biased, fake news on their front page. I came for email, not to have your politics shoved down my throat.

  34. Rose Says:

    Please I need help… My account has been blocked and I need to recover it

  35. Jeb Says:

    I emailed my yahoo acct using my accout.. Here it is 3 days later and the email has yet to arrive. Good thing I hardly use POOR AND LOUSY EMAIL PROVIDER!

  36. Bill Says:

    This shit hole program has not gotten any better, can’t imagine it being worse.

  37. Anonymous Says:

    Way back near the year 2000 I used this email provider and all of a sudden I lost access. Tried lots of things back then to gain access to no avail. Gave up on them for many years.

    Today for some stupid reason I decided to try them again. I created my Old User Name and a Password that contained Upper, lower case letters, numbers and three special characters. Logged out and went to log back in 40 minutes later and cannot login. I don’t know about anyone else here but I have better things to do than play around with a half ass email provider that clearly did not work well way back when and still doesn’t to this day.

    To change your password these days, you need to create a support ticket and wait for them to return your message. I don’t think they will like the message that I left them.

    Good Riddens to this email provider. No time for B.S.

  38. Ron H and Anonymous above. Says:

    Not only am I shut out but when I was in the account. I created a message and I was looking all over the place for the “SEND” button. Nowhere to be found. I clicked the save button under the message and the email was also NOWHERE to be found. Not in the folders, not in drafts, sent, inbox. Just disappeared.

    They have a restrictive 500 character limit with their free email. Lame!

    If anyone is considering using MAIL.COM you really, really might want to reconsider. Just look at all these complaints. Many more than these as well.

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